Thursday, February 6, 2014

Which Ten Black Dolls Would You Choose? A Black History Themed Post

Fantasy scene: a modern doll and action figure museum is closing. Its prize-winning collection of black playscale dolls and action figures will be distributed to a group of doll enthusiasts. Each enthusiast is allowed any ten pieces - either dolls and/or action figures - and ten pieces exactly. No more, no less. Congratulations: you have a winning ticket. Which ten black dolls and/or action figures would you choose? 

You can have any black or black-mix doll ever produced. Want the original Colored Francie? You can have her. What about a Django Jamie Fox? He's yours. YNU Group, Inc.'s Emerald or Opal? Either or both, yours. Integrity Toys' Adele, Jordan, Nadja, or Janay - and which one(s)? Again, yours. This is a fantasy so any you choose. Be generous and share your dream choices here in a comment. 

Which dolls and/or action figures would I choose? Sigh. Oh, it was a difficult decision to make. But I did it. I will post my choices on February 28, 2014. That post will be loaded after I finish this one.


RagingMoon1987 said...

I love this prompt. Here are my ten.

1) Black Barbie from the 80's. The one with the red dress and the cute afro.
2) Black Ken to be her boyfriend. He also has a nice afro and is a HUNK!!!
3) Integrity Toys Tariq, because he's even hunkier than Black Ken!
4) Mixis Opal with the cap wig. I love her hair and her cute blue dress.
5) Golden Dream Christie, another of Mattel's lovely 80's products.
6) Sugar, one of Byron Lars's contributions to the Barbie world. She has a beautiful face and cute blue eyelashes.
7) Integrity Toys' Darla Daley, Poppy Parker's friend.
8) Princess Tiana, to add a little extra class to the place.
9) Nneka, one of the new Queens of Africa.
10) And of course, Playmates's Michael Jackson, to keep the rest of them entertained!

RoxanneRoxanne said...

1. Hot Toys Michael Jackson Thriller
2. Hot Toys Michael Jackson Bad
3. Hot Toys Sheva Alomar
4. Fashion Royalty Darius Reid with hair
5. Fashion Royalty open-mouthed Adele
6. Kenner Dana doll
7. Original Colored Francie
8. Free Moving Curtis
9. Vintage Nurse Julia doll
10. Hot Toys Superman (Christopher Reeve version)

Only 10? Sheesh! Yes, I'm greedy in this fantasy scenario. :) In my fantasy, I also get to have Pretty Pairs Nan 'n fran, and Mattel's bendy Carla. And Hot Toys Blade II. And Flavas Choice Awards Tre with the Afro wig. I could go on...

RoxanneRoxanne said...

I just realized that I didn't follow the rules with my Hot Toys Superman selection. I just want him so much. :) You can replace my #10 with Nan 'n Fran.

D7ana said...

Hi and thanks for your responses, RagingMoon1987 and RoxanneRoxanne!

@RagingMoon1987 - glad I have some of the dolls on your list (Black Barbie, Tariq, and Opal) or they would have been on mine, too. I'd like a Michael Jackson figure, too - not sure which one yet though ;-D

@Roxanne - oh, I'd love that HT Sheva Alomar and Michael Jackson. Sigh. I have an open-mouth Adele (whew) and childhood battered Curtis and Julia.

I thought of expanding to 10 dolls AND 10 action figures, but I thought it would be more challenging and more fun if I made it 10 period. I "hear" you about the list building.

Awww Superman's no problem. We can pretend he's bi-racial, lol. No kidding. I hope you get him; he is big gorgeous and Hot Toys to boot - sizzle, lol.

Muff said...

Some of these dolls I have seen and others I don't know if they exist. I'll mark those with a (?)

10. FR Perk Colette
9. Kimora Lee Barbie
8. Nicki Minaj Barbie
7. Janet Jackson Barbie
6. Diana Ross Barbie by Bob Mackie
5. FR Josephine Baker
4. 007 Halle Berry Barbie
3. Pam Grier as Foxy Brown (?)
2. Queen Latifah! (?)
1. Aaliyah from Queen of the Damned (?)

I would have liked to put Kim Kardashian on the list, but she's not black. I think I'm still ticked they didn't make her doll. However, seeing how they did JLo, I probably wouldn't have been impressed.

D7ana said...

Hi Muff! I don't think that the first three mentioned Aaliyah, Queen Latifah, and Pam Grier dolls were ever officially released. A OOAK artist might redo them or might have done them. Of those three, I would not mind having a Pam Grier doll myself. She used to kick butt ;-)

Oh and I would like the 007 Halle Berry Barbie. Not the Sideshow one. She was too bony ;-P

Vanessa said...

Since I have nine of the dolls that would be on my top 10 list, there would only be one on the list.

1)Black Hard Rock Cafe doll

D7ana said...

Hi Vanessa! You can give yourself a new list then, lol. Say if there are any new Black dolls or action figures that you do not have yet ;-)

I would have added the Black Hard Rock Cafe Barbie, too, but I have an Integrity doll that strongly resembles her.