Saturday, February 8, 2014

Past Black Doll, Black Action Figure, or Black History Posts

One benefit of having blogged for over five years is that I have lots of posts. Lots. So, it occurred to me that some newer readers might have missed a good post or two. And regular readers might also have missed a post. It's happened to me on sites I regularly visit. So for this post, I am sharing previous years' black history and/or black doll-themed posts.

If you see any posts that you would like revisited or expanded on, let me know. If I still have the figure, I'll expand it. Or if you'd like to hear a different angle on an old post, let me know that, too. Oh and any favorites, let me know about them, too. Thanks and enjoy!

2009 New blogger - photos only

2010 Famous figures, complexion variation, sub-groups

2011 DBG Interview and different groups

2012 Hair texture, stories, and a vehicle

2013 Specific lines


Ms. Leo said...

Very, very smart! As folllowers we do miss things. This is a great way to catch up. You might try using one one or two old pictures. That helps it show up in the following list.

Male Doll World said...

Great idea. Thanks.

D7ana said...

Hi Ms. Leo and Male Doll World! Thanks for your comments ;-) Yes, what's old to us bloggers can be new to new readers.

@Ms. Leo - thanks for the suggestion to add a photo or two. That would make the post even better ;-D

@Male Doll World - you're welcome. You have some cool themed posts that could be repackaged like that.

Anonymous said...

I know already I'm going to return to this post a few times to check your older posts, there are very interesting things to be read yet for me! Thanks Dana, a very good idea :-).

Carrickters said...

Great idea, D7ana. I enjoyed your post about the 'afro'. Did you ever do the follow-up one about cornrows? I couldn't see it in your list.

D7ana said...

Hi Nymphaea and Carrickters! You are welcome. Glad you like the idea.

@Nymphaea - read and enjoy.

@Carrickters - no, I did not do a follow-up post about cornrows. I'll add that to this year's topics. Thanks for the reminder ;-)

Muff said...

Agreed on what a great idea this is! I know blogger used to have tagging but I never did use it. This is a excellent alternative.

D7ana said...

Hi Muff! Thanks. Glad you like the idea. I used to use tags, but I stopped because the list became unwieldy.