Thursday, March 31, 2011

She's Here! Calista at a Price Even I Could Afford

Big Lots! sold her for $8.00. How could I resist lovely BFC, Ink. Calista at that price?

Most of My Kens Gathered

Here they go. A little late - my fault ugh. Had a cold, started a new job, etc. Good thing my Kens are good natured. Three are hiding among dusty boxes: Malibu, Mod Hair, and Free Movin'). Two could not fit themselves in the photo: Straight leg Ken and Fashion Insider Ken. No, Straight leg Ken is NOT still embarrassed that he tricked his longtime friend, Alan, into being the subject of a previous post. He just felt too dirty and greasy-faced to appear. Fashion Insider Ken loathes crowds so he could NOT appear on that account.

Happy Birthday, Kens! The Once and Forever Gentleman.