Saturday, July 28, 2012

William has the 1Direction Dolls!

Hey all - guess who's first on our DAF block to have the One Direction aka 1Direction aka 1D dolls? William of 1/6th Point of View. Head over to his blog post and read about his plans for the guys. I'm almost as happy as if I had them myself. Almost ;-D ....

MGA vs. Lady Gaga and Bravado

MGA Entertainment must miss their legal battles with Mattel: the Bratz maker has a suit against Lady Gaga's merchandising unit, the Universal Music Group-owned Bravado AND Lady Gaga. MGA and Bravado were working on a Bratz line that is to resemble Lady Gaga when Bravado and Lady Gaga asked that the dolls release date be put back until 2013 to coincide with the release of a new Lady Gaga album. MGA - understandably - wants to issue the dolls this year. Thus, a suit is born.

Popcorn, anyone? Opinions?