Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sale Alert - Ducking, Not MINE - Okay? Maddie in Canada

Okay, I am NOT trying to make everyone broke before the International Black Doll Show and Sale. Nuh uhn. No indeedy. But there is a BIG sale going on in Canada that could have some unbeatable and not-to-be-repeated sales for U.S. and overseas fashion doll buyers. Yes, I mentioned "overseas" buyers, too. Because, alas, Maddie's Dolls and More is having a Closing Sale.

Good news to enthusiasts outside of the U.S. and Canada; Maddie's ships overseas. Applause. So check to see if any of the loose Janay dolls, boxed Fashion Royalty dolls, other outfits, adorable Mattel Kelly sets, or Hasbro Destiny's Child dolls meet any gaps in your collection.

I'll say it: enabler. Wink.

FS: "Victorian Wedding" and "Long on Leather"

Didn't I promise more stuff for sale? Note: if you are totally bored with my selling - and that would be understandable - just take this as a chance for me to flaunt my collection. Look at the pretty pictures, lol. Or the not so pretty pictures, ha!

For example, here are two Francie outfits I am selling. One is "Long on Leather" and the other is "Victorian Wedding." I still like my tiny mod-psychedelic collection. But I am reducing it to allow for more other dolls and action figures. Need funds so some stuff just has to go. I hear eBay calling ....

By the way, can anyone tell me why some people can start an eBay auction at $5.00 and the final cost soars to $500.00, but whenever I start something at $10.00, I am lucky to get $10.01? No, I know you can't tell me. I suppose the Universe does not mean for me to scalp successfully, lol. Sigh. Pout. Does that make me major evil? To want to make a big sale now and then? Sniff, sniff. Peeping around a dry hankerchief ... has that multi-millionaire-collector-fairy-godperson (Either gender okay by me; cash is green and gender-neutral, right? Sure.) appeared on the horizon yet? No? No.

Without further frivolity, original Francie fashions:

Link to New Barbie DOTW and Cheerleader Dolls

Want to see the best new photos of new dolls? Where do you go? Did I hear the word "Flickr"?

You are right to say so. Check this link for Eddollboy's visual treats. Wow.

Starting a new wish list, I want a DOTW Brazil, at least 2 of the new cheerleaders, and Katniss Barbie. And if the DOTW Brazil is a Brazil-exclusive, that will make her even more attractive to other collectors.