Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Link to New Barbie DOTW and Cheerleader Dolls

Want to see the best new photos of new dolls? Where do you go? Did I hear the word "Flickr"?

You are right to say so. Check this link for Eddollboy's visual treats. Wow.

Starting a new wish list, I want a DOTW Brazil, at least 2 of the new cheerleaders, and Katniss Barbie. And if the DOTW Brazil is a Brazil-exclusive, that will make her even more attractive to other collectors.


Muff said...

So many ethnic dolls! I'm impressed at the effort.

Georgia Girl said...

Oooh, nice dolls! The Brazil and Hawaian dolls are nice. I also love the cheerleader dolls as well. Thanks for sharing the link.

D7ana said...

Hi Muff and Georgia Girl!

Yes, nice dolls! Mattel gets me almost every time with their ability to recreate doll faces or to repeat doll faces that I'd missed out on. I'm glad that the link interested you, so it's my pleasure. You are welcome.