Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Black History Month and Ethnic DAF Hair: A is for Afro

I haven't set aside any Black History articles yet. The month is nearly done, but I have an idea for a few short posts about the variation of hair types and styles in modern dolls and action figures. Which hairstyle screams to be covered in a "Black History" hair post? For me, that style would be the afro.

The afro is the Black hairstyle linked to assertive Black identity and pride.

So who is "representing" in this photograph? From left to right, we have Integrity Toys' "Jungle Fever" from their Monsieur Z collection, Mattel's Chad from High School Musical, Mattel's Kwanzaa Keeya, and Mattel's Tre from the Flavas. Behold the range in the different afro textures in these playscale figures. BUT all these afros are NOT as they seem. Guess which afro is a wig?

Regular Philly Collector readers will recognize the afro wig wearer. For new readers, I'll leave the answer in tomorrow's post about cornrows and 'locks.