Monday, August 18, 2014

Stunning G.I. Joe Church and Action Figure Links

Need inspiration for a playscale church for your dolls and action figures?

Check out this incredible church by Mr. Jose Serrano as shown on Pinterest. Amazing, right? The realism and the grandeur of the building just engrosses my eyes. It looks as if we could walk in. Want to see more of it? Mr. Serrano shares additional photos on the self-described "world's #1 website for GI Joe Collections." You can see other G.I. Joe collections from that website, too.

Another link from that G.I. Joe Collections website is the Collector's Tips-n-Tricks page. Some of the tips are familiar like using IKEA Detolf, but there are some new ones. Or you might want to contact the webmaster Mark Otnes. Maybe you have some tips you would like to share with them.

Entranced by playscale Joes now? See what current customizers and enthusiasts are producing at The Joe Report.

Happy clicking.