Monday, February 13, 2012

Olmec Naomi and Mattel Kiddies

Naomi (Olmec) felt depressed about the recent deaths of Don Cornelius and Whitney Houston. So she decided to do something to cheer herself up: she would hold a quickie beauty pageant for the youngest African American girls. First, she found her favorite 80s songs. Now this was real music. And she could teach those little divas how to execute her favorite dance moves ... 

Now check out her favorite green tube top and her favorite red-green-black plaid slacks and matching cap. A little chilly for this season but cheery all the same. How could a sister feel down when she wore such a cool outfit? This was dressing like nobody [else] could.

The contestants are from left to right: Kianna, Darla, Deidre, Carrie, Betty, Keeya, Rashida, and Doe. Naomi's set up a separate poll to share her pageant. You are welcome to vote for your choice for Little Miss 80s Revisited 2012.