Saturday, February 16, 2013

Janay Photo Link

Want to see LOTS of Janay photos? Check out this link on Flickr Hive.

Gulp. Those are some top notch photos.

Valentine Date Answers ...

T.J. reporting back with an official answer to the Valentine Day couple query:

Hasbro Landro Calrissan and the two Barbie(s) are NOT dating. Landro is considering suing the Joes for tricking him into participating in the contest in the first place. (It seems that he was chosen by the Joes as a prank and by the Barbies because he fit the suit. And the suit looked good with them. Sigh.)

Mattel Ken and Jakks Pacific Josie are also not dating.

He: She said she didn't want flowers, and God knows, she doesn't need chocolate. I mean, look at her.

She: I cannot believe he is real. And he needs to lose that hat. It is anything but cool.

On the cheery side, Tre and Aqua are dating, and Scottie Pippin and Kenya are "head over heels" in love.