Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Spinmaster Liv Neon Colors and a New Doll Blogger

I saw Spinmaster's new color-focused Liv dolls in a Philadelphia Target store: Liv for Color and Liv Brites. So I did some online investigating and discovered a new-to-me doll enthusiast's Flickr photo album. (Flickr seems to be the place to go for the latest in new doll discoveries.) Emily, the new-to-me blogger, reveals some unfortunate news about these new Liv line: less articulation than previous lines - please read her blog post about the vivid Liv dolls.

Liv for Color

Sophie with blue hair and blue dress, Alexis with pale pink hair and pale pink dress, and Katie with dark pink hair and dark pink dress shown in above photo.

Hayden with purple hair and purple dress and Daniela with red hair and red dress in photo below.

Target Exclusives Brites

Alexis (orange hair), Katie (purple), and Sophie (pink hair).


Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for the info. It is sad about the Liv dolls. I need a few more bodies before they are all gone.

D7ana said...

Ah but we know so we can grab up those specials. Good luck getting your replacement bodies!

Emily said...

Hi Dana, thank you so much for the shout-out! :) It is such a bummer about the new body. However, I have to admit that the color combinations are very eye-catching.

Did you buy any? I should have been so smart as to just take pics in the store and not waste $$

I agree about Flickr, BTW. That's where it's at.

Georgia Girl said...

Nice! I have not seen them in my area. I plan to get a couple of these.

D7ana said...

Hi Emily! You are welcome! I enjoyed reading your article and learning about the unfortunate changes. No, I didn't get any of them yet. So many new ones I want to get, etc.

Hi Georgia Girl! Don't forget to read Emily's post so you can consider if the articulation reductions would alter your decision to buy. Hope you find and enjoy all the ones you want to add to your collection.

Brini said...

I haven't seen the doll yet here in Charlotte. It is unfortunate that they are not going to be articulate anymore. I do need one more body just in case. So the hunt is on.

Unknown said...

Hello from spain, Liv did not know the neon colors. They are very original. I like the bodies are articulated. Thank you for showing these developments. Keep in touch

D7ana said...

Hi Brini! The dolls will probably reach you soon. (Fingers crossed for that.) These dolls have reduced articulation - no more ankle movement - but they retain some articulation. Good luck stocking up on the clearance dolls. May you get good sales.

Hi Marta! I hope these dolls reach you in Spain or that you can buy or trade for some from a U.S./Canadian/other nationality where the dolls are available. You are welcome to whatever information I can find - Emily actually discovered the Liv body changes though so that news is from her. I photographed the dolls I saw in a store.

As I mentioned to Brini, you might try to find some of the older Liv dolls, from earlier series, to get the more articulated dolls. Best wishes for your success in finding the best Liv dolls. Thanks for visiting my blog, too.

Dolls On Top (Arch Bullet) said...

I personally love the articulation of LIVE esp their arms articulation because they can really post well. I only got one of 'em which I got from a thrift store - nude.

now, I'm planning to use her body for my other doll but I'm still contemplating about it though. With the less articulated body - I think I have to go look for more at the thrift store then haha.

D7ana said...

Hi Dolls on Top! Congrats on your Liv body find at the thrift store. May you find many more ;-D