Monday, August 6, 2012

Any KISS Fans Visiting?

How many fans of "Beth" or "All American Man" are reading today's post? I confess: I briefly was a Kiss fan. Late 1970s. "Shy" Peter Kriss, the dreamy drummer. That was the closest to "official cool" that I got, lol. Any fans have the original Mego KISS dolls of 1977-78? Them, I did not get because the faces were permanently painted. I wasn't die-hard enough of a fan to want them forever painted. So I did not buy the original Mego set. Shrug.

Well, if you missed getting the Mego dolls then AND if you feel nostalgic, you can search for those figures on eBay or you can check out the NEW KISS dolls. Yes, there are new KISS dolls. Figures Toy Company will be selling 8" and 12" KISS dolls. Mego Musuem interviews Anthony Balasco of Figures Toy about these KISS dolls. The company has a contact form for those interested in them.

Will I be getting any of them? No. I no longer care to be "cool." But I'd love to see the dolls online.