Wednesday, November 26, 2008

!!! Mixis Clearance at Nice n Necessary !!!

The Mixis dolls are on clearance sale for $37.49 CDN + shipping each doll at Nice N Necessary ( ). You can place an order online if you are shipping within Canada. If you would like to order from outside Canada, please contact Jackie Norman at for shipping information.

I have the Limited Edition Emerald, Opal, and Rosa and the Sunset Houda, but I would like to add the Sunset Opal with curly hair and possibly the Sunset Emerald and Sunset Rosa because the Sunset dolls have the jointed arms and prettier torso. Ms. Norman's comment about these dolls is available at

Good luck!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Harley Davidson Barbie 2009

Mattel -- you gotta stop doing this to me, to the doll collecting public.

New Harley Davidson Barbie shown at the photo link below from Maddie's Dolls in Canada:

Although on second thought, I have a few Fashion Fever dolls that resemble this one. Their hair isn't quite so "big," but the face screening is close. Not sure if I like the pink chaps either. Hmmmm ....

Slim Tan Aoshima Received!

The Slim Tan Aoshima or Lady's Mission Basic Infantry doll has joined my doll and action figure group. I haven't removed her from the box yet -- want to get photos of her in-box AND out -- but I like her face screening and her coloring. The jeans jacket and pants are cute, too. Wonder if they will fit my Perfect Body women or the Get Sets or the Mixis?

Bargains at Target - Alvin Ailey Barbie and Catwoman Kelly

I followed a tip submitted by two posters at the Pink Parlor about a sale at Target. The Grease Barbies, the Alvin Ailey Barbie, and the Catwoman Kelly/Batman Tommy dolls were on sale at $17.48 for each Barbie and 7.00 for the Kelly set. I found the Alvin Ailey Barbie for $17.47 and the Kelly set for $7.47 at the Springfield Target.

Here's the link for Pink Parlor:

I'd wanted both the Alvin Ailey Barbie AND the Kelly set, but I thought I would wait until the prices were reduced -- oh just a little. Lucked out at those prices. Got one set each.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

No 12" Power Team Figures at Sears Cottman Avenue

Yesterday, I went to the Sears at Cottman Avenue. Sometimes Sears/KB Toys sell 12" Power Team action figures produced by M & C Toys. Alas, no 12" action figures that day.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Gothic Girl Tribute to R&D and Dal -- Thanks!

Did some America's Next Top Model inspired photos of the R&D Gothic Girl Momoko that a Momoko collector - hey Dal! - sold to me earlier this year. I have wanted this doll for years, but I was put off by the froo froo outfit. Saw some online photos of her redressed - yes, that is a common problem, these online photos from other collectors LOL - and decided I had to get her. Bad economy or not. Sigh. So I bought her.

Now that I have her, I love the outfit. It is a clever reworking of the geisha robes done in white eyelet and trimmed with lace. I hate the platform boots though. They remind me of the scene in "Memoirs of a Geisha" where the young protagonist (don't recall if she was a geisha at that point in the story) wore these horribly high heeled gei sandals (?) and staggered on stage. (I've loathed high heels since I was a too-tall teenager. Shudder.) I mean, stylistically, the boots "work" with the outfit. It's my dislike of high heels that brings about that reaction to the boots.

Here are my photos. The light kept reflecting off the glass, but I thought it looked neat, if I considered the light as her adversary. (Please note: not referring to any spiritual issue here.)

Mixis Update and Redressed Photos

I visited the Mixis store today. The web site has been updated to include a FAQ page. More dolls will be coming in 2009 and -- I am over-the-top-gleeful at this news -- there will be dioramas, furniture, and BOYS. Multi-ethnic boys. I have to send this information to Jef and my Yahoo Groups. I have to send this everywhere! Multi-ethnic BOYS um MEN. Whhooo hooo!!!

Usually, I get my ethnic guys from the action figure lines: Dragon, Hot Toys, MC Toys. I feel lucky to get them. They usually wear military gear, but sometimes you can find them in casual wear or in suits. Sigh. Action figure collectors often lament Ken fashions - oh, heck, so do I sometimes. I mean pink and lavender ... bleh! I wouldn't wear lavender.

But multi-ethnic guys outside of the Bratz line (the no-noses and big heads) ... wow! I can't wait. Upon reflection, I can -- need time to hoard funds for those guys. And anticipation can be delicious.

Four [ethnic] inspired outfits are shown: Chinese, Japanese, Central American, and a new one - Denim Pink Vest. The Chinese and the Central American outfits are must gets for me: I like the reds and the styles. Emerald models the wine red Chinese outfit (tunic and knickers) while Rosa models the Central American outfit (white peasant blouse and true red circle skirt). The Japanese outfit doesn't particularly work for me, possibly because I don't care for pastel florals. (Shrug.) It is a modified kimono dress with modified gei sandals. However, the Denim Pink Vest has these absolutely adorable pink suede fur-topped boots. Nothing I would wear, but the sort of thing you would buy for your teenage daughter or niece or admire on an exuberant person. Kicky-cute. The light blue denim jacket and mini skirt - modeled by Houda - are also cute, attractive casual wear.

Since I couldn't get my hands on new outfits or new dolls, I had fun with my current Mixis crew. It's a cold day in Philly so I found outerwear for my first three and a new outfit altogether for Houda. (Hey, she'd freeze in this weather wearing her cotton sundress!) Rosa borrowed a red Get Real Girl jacket, Emerald borrowed Aaron Carter's denim jacket, and Opal borrowed a Toys R Us Exclusive Barbie coat from 2001. Houda borrowed a red Get Real Girl tee shirt, a Get Real Girl denim jacket, and Get Set Isabella's black knit pants. (Those black knit pants fit the Bbi Perfect Body figures as well.)

Note: the Mixis dolls don't fit the Barbie pants. The Get Real Girls' pants don't quite fit either. The Mixis dolls have wider hips. If I were to make a pants pattern for them, I would use the Get Set pants or Opal's pants.

The Mixis store web address is .

Thanks, Debbie Goodland and the YNU Group Team!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mixis Reviews on

Yesterday, I added reviews for Mixis Emerald and Mixis Houda to their entries on

The more I look at these dolls, the more I like them. I'm thinking of deboxing the Get Real Girl outfits I have so that they can wear more suitable -- late fall -- outfits. I might also borrow from the I-Girls dolls. The Mixis outfits are online, but I won't be able to get them for some time.

Maybe I'll add extra photos to the entries for the Mixis dolls that I have ....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Emerald and Houda Arrive -- New Mixis Photos

Emerald and Houda of the Mixis have joined the East Philly Doll and Action Figure Zone!

Here are photos of the new ladies and their fellow Mixis, Opal and Rosa:

First, Emerald and Houda in their boxes.

Next, the back of the world-map themed box liner:

The Mixis are packaged similar to the Fashion Royalty dolls in that they are tied to their boxes by ribbons and the clothes are loosely "sewn" down. There are NO doll heads attached to the boxes by plastic tags. The plastic harpooning of doll heads annoys me. Won't go into that nightmare here.

Finally, a group shot of all the Mixis that I have to date.

I love their individual looks. And noses! They have noses with bridges!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Now or Never Moment: Slim Tan Aoshima on Sale

The Internet is a wonderful, terrible thing.

I was checking the Men with Dolls board under the Price Police section. Moan. Oh, why did I do that? But it was good, darn great that I did. A fellow collector wrote that Hobby Link Japan has the Aoshima 07494 New Slim Body Type B (the tan ginger haired one wearing a jeans outfit) on sale. This doll has been a Grail doll since I bought the Action Figures book showing the CyGirl/Cool Girls and the Aoshima/Skynet figures. If ever I were to get her, I would have expected to pay through the nose for her. Fortunately, I can "just" get her. I shouldn't at this time, but how often would I see her for sale like this?

"The Men With Dolls Messageboard is dedicated to 1/6th female figures of all kinds. Of particular interest are the Cool/CY Girls made by Blue Box Toys and Takara JAPAN." The link to that message board is

I've picked up sales tips and kitbashing notes and read many fascinating diorama stories and seen incredible doll and action figure kitbashes since I joined that board in June of 2002.

I should note though that the Men with Dolls board can have nude dolls and action figures and that there are "adult" stories and photos in the board.

Rebelde Diego and Roberta -- Photos

Below are photos of the long-awaited Diego and Roberta set.

Body Comparison - G5 Isabella, Mixis Rosa, Juliet (Barbie)

This photograph shows Get Set Isabella, Mixis Rosa, and Mattel Barbie as Juliet in form-fitting outfits to compare their bodies:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eeeeeeekkkk and Jumping Up and Down

At last -- found the Diego and Roberta set I had been seeking for months. Gotcha. He's all mine, he's all mine, mine, mine. The doll, of course, not the real actor-singer playing the Diego part. The doll Diego doesn't strongly resemble the actor-singer Diego. Shrug. The doll Diego is still a new cute male so he's welcome.

The Roberta doll in this set seems to resemble the actor-singer playing the Roberta part more than the other dolls I have. Her right hand seems to have lifted to touch Diego's left hand. Awwww .... Maybe I should leave them "together?"

Note: check to see if the other RBD couples touch hands. I don't think that they do or did.

Where did I find my new dynamic duo? Norristown Walmart. This wonderful Walmart also had the other RBD sets: Miguel and Mia and Giovanni and Lupita.

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Prince in Kelly Line

New guy in town: Prince in the Kelly -- Barbie's Little Sister -- line. He's got brown rooted hair with a side-part and gray-blue eyes. He wears a white satin shirt and black pants. There's a red velvet ribbon draped across his chest and a silver sash at his waist.

Then again, this new charmer might not be so new after all. His box is dated 2005. I don't recall seeing him online although he might have made an appearance on one of the Kelly-focused groups.

I found this prince at the Conway's on 69th Street, in Upper Darby.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Mixis Dolls Coming -- Emerald and Houda

I placed an order for the Limited Edition Emerald and the Sunset Edition Houda from Gile Toys online. I have two words for my excuse: free shipping. Emerald has black "leather" boots like Rosa's brown ones. Houda has espadrilles and a purse.

I don't want this exciting doll series to close out without me having the dolls and the outfits I want. I lost out on the G-Five series, and they were local. Sigh. No, hooray! Two more Mixis!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Integrity Moods Doll Information

Happy News!

I got the balance bill for the FR Moods Collection 2008 Body Double Veronique doll! Submitted that payment and now am waiting for her. She'll be my first Veronique!