Friday, November 21, 2008

Mixis Update and Redressed Photos

I visited the Mixis store today. The web site has been updated to include a FAQ page. More dolls will be coming in 2009 and -- I am over-the-top-gleeful at this news -- there will be dioramas, furniture, and BOYS. Multi-ethnic boys. I have to send this information to Jef and my Yahoo Groups. I have to send this everywhere! Multi-ethnic BOYS um MEN. Whhooo hooo!!!

Usually, I get my ethnic guys from the action figure lines: Dragon, Hot Toys, MC Toys. I feel lucky to get them. They usually wear military gear, but sometimes you can find them in casual wear or in suits. Sigh. Action figure collectors often lament Ken fashions - oh, heck, so do I sometimes. I mean pink and lavender ... bleh! I wouldn't wear lavender.

But multi-ethnic guys outside of the Bratz line (the no-noses and big heads) ... wow! I can't wait. Upon reflection, I can -- need time to hoard funds for those guys. And anticipation can be delicious.

Four [ethnic] inspired outfits are shown: Chinese, Japanese, Central American, and a new one - Denim Pink Vest. The Chinese and the Central American outfits are must gets for me: I like the reds and the styles. Emerald models the wine red Chinese outfit (tunic and knickers) while Rosa models the Central American outfit (white peasant blouse and true red circle skirt). The Japanese outfit doesn't particularly work for me, possibly because I don't care for pastel florals. (Shrug.) It is a modified kimono dress with modified gei sandals. However, the Denim Pink Vest has these absolutely adorable pink suede fur-topped boots. Nothing I would wear, but the sort of thing you would buy for your teenage daughter or niece or admire on an exuberant person. Kicky-cute. The light blue denim jacket and mini skirt - modeled by Houda - are also cute, attractive casual wear.

Since I couldn't get my hands on new outfits or new dolls, I had fun with my current Mixis crew. It's a cold day in Philly so I found outerwear for my first three and a new outfit altogether for Houda. (Hey, she'd freeze in this weather wearing her cotton sundress!) Rosa borrowed a red Get Real Girl jacket, Emerald borrowed Aaron Carter's denim jacket, and Opal borrowed a Toys R Us Exclusive Barbie coat from 2001. Houda borrowed a red Get Real Girl tee shirt, a Get Real Girl denim jacket, and Get Set Isabella's black knit pants. (Those black knit pants fit the Bbi Perfect Body figures as well.)

Note: the Mixis dolls don't fit the Barbie pants. The Get Real Girls' pants don't quite fit either. The Mixis dolls have wider hips. If I were to make a pants pattern for them, I would use the Get Set pants or Opal's pants.

The Mixis store web address is .

Thanks, Debbie Goodland and the YNU Group Team!


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Thanks for looking.

The baby - your son? - on your Briyone Page Myspace looks adorable.


Jackie Norman said...


I have an online store based out of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Nice N Necessary I purchased a lot of these dolls, but they really do not fit in with the age group of my site. I am selling them for $37.49 CDN + shipping. I have 6 styles in stock. As my site is nnot set up for purchaes originating outside Canada, you can contact me by email ( for more information about shipping etc.

I love these dolls and would love to continue to carry them, but they just don't fit.

D7ana said...

Thanks for letting me know about your sale. That's welcome news because while I have Sunset Houda and the three Limited girls, I don't have the Sunset girls.