Friday, November 21, 2008

Gothic Girl Tribute to R&D and Dal -- Thanks!

Did some America's Next Top Model inspired photos of the R&D Gothic Girl Momoko that a Momoko collector - hey Dal! - sold to me earlier this year. I have wanted this doll for years, but I was put off by the froo froo outfit. Saw some online photos of her redressed - yes, that is a common problem, these online photos from other collectors LOL - and decided I had to get her. Bad economy or not. Sigh. So I bought her.

Now that I have her, I love the outfit. It is a clever reworking of the geisha robes done in white eyelet and trimmed with lace. I hate the platform boots though. They remind me of the scene in "Memoirs of a Geisha" where the young protagonist (don't recall if she was a geisha at that point in the story) wore these horribly high heeled gei sandals (?) and staggered on stage. (I've loathed high heels since I was a too-tall teenager. Shudder.) I mean, stylistically, the boots "work" with the outfit. It's my dislike of high heels that brings about that reaction to the boots.

Here are my photos. The light kept reflecting off the glass, but I thought it looked neat, if I considered the light as her adversary. (Please note: not referring to any spiritual issue here.)

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