Tuesday, August 26, 2014

National Dog Day 2014

Yes, August 26, 2014 is National Dog Day in the United States of America.

Those who celebrate this special day might volunteer at a local pet or throw a dog-themed party or donate funds. I am sharing this blog post in honor of the day. When I was a little girl, I wanted a dachshund. I thought it looked so cute. After a few encounters with loose street dogs, I changed my mind: dogs were not necessarily nice. They barked. They might bite. A cat was a better choice.

Then a neighbor had two kittens she had to give away. For half a day, my sisters and I had  those two kittens - a white long-haired who would be "Fluffy" and a black short-haired who would be "Barnabas." Our joy was short-lived. My Dad would not live with cats. He told my mother if the cats stayed, he would leave. He called my Grandmother to back him up. Sigh. Our mother pointed out that fathers paid bills so that we could eat; fathers outranked cats. No matter how adorable. So bye bye Fluffy and Barnabas.

Then I met Louie. And Louie is a keeper.

But I never ever had a dog.

However, I do have a few play scale dogs. They have not achieved the personality of Beauty over at Brini's Doll Domain, but they're loved by the dolls and/or action figure who keep them. Anyone recognize these four-legged friends?

Play scale dogs by Mattel, SpinMaster, JakksPacific, etc.

Moved them around. Recognize any breeds here?

This cutie is in the Bedroom Desk & Chair set from 2006.

If are interested in live dogs in photos, click this link. If you have time to click your way to a good deed, do not forget the Animal Rescue Site.

Remember to keep "cool" on this dog day of August: follow this guy's example

black short-haired cat stretching out in nap
Louie Cooper, all the "dog" I need

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Camping Shoot with Lanard I-Girl Asia

Earlier this month, DollDivas called for photos of dolls camping. Me, I have no camping skills. Remember the tv show, Green Acres? He'd have NEVER got me to that farm; I would have  divorced him for asking, lol. So my camping scenes would probably look bizarre. However, I do have the Lanard I-Girl Cool Camping Days playset.

Lanard I-Girl Cool Camping Days box back
Back of the box for the Lanard I-Girl Cool Camping Days play set
So I thought, I'll share photos of that set. No real camping experience called for right? In fairness, maybe having a camping background would have made setting up this play set easier. Maybe. The doll model shown with these items is NOT the original doll who came with the set; this doll is I-Girl Asia. Asia agreed to pose in I-Girl Sahara's place.

I-Girl Cool Camping Days play set contents:

1 nylon and plastic tent with 3 tent poles
1 nylon sleeping bag for 1 doll
1 plastic folding card table
1 plastic folding camp stool
1 nylon backpack with a pink plastic hair brush
1 sheer pink laptop computer
1 mini stove
1 "mess kit"
1 bottle of plain water
1 plastic lantern
1 campfire
1 portable cooler
1 Sahara doll (um ... Sahara is MIA. I'm not sure where she is now.)

Do you miss what I miss from this inventory? F-O-O-D. No food. OMG, did they mean for poor Sahara to gather her food in the woods? Where is the can of baked beans with mini hot dogs? Who goes camping without chocolate and trail mix? Why camp except to eat chocolate and trail mix in the fresh air? Asia and I think we understand why Sahara pulled a no show.

By the way, there is at least one Barbie camping accessory that has the fixings for S'mores. I'm not that big on marshmallows, but at least they add some CHOCOLATE. Even if it's milk chocolate. Ick. But NO food in this play set. Just water. Not even a soda in the cooler. Sigh.

Lanard Cool Camping Accessories

Aqua quilted Lanard I-Girl sleeping bag for one doll
Lanard Cool Camping Days sleeping bag for one

Munching fun completely removed from this trip, Asia tries on the sleeping bag. Voila, she fits! Not the coziest thing she's ever tried on, but she supposes it would do if she were the type to sleep on the ground instead of in a bed.

Tent, you ask. Tent, tent, tent, someone chants. Sigh. Oh, we thought you would ask about that. First, let's see the instructions to put together the tent and table and stool:

The table and the stool were as easy to set up as the sketch indicates. Whew. Easy peasy. Tent talk now. Remember: a picture paints a thousand words.

You are looking at the rear view of the tent with one of the tubes partially woven in place. The other pole is supposed to cross fit along the purple tags on the diagonal so that the tent roof can rise. In someone else's imagination.

Setting up tents has been a comedy staple for years. Here was my opportunity to experience the nightmare. Those poles have minds of their own. How do I flex them enough to fit them to the loops on the tent without causing them to break? They spring back and sting my hands and face. Oh joyless deed. I finally got the longest pole/stick to form the facing arch so Asia can go in and out of the tent. I gave up on getting the other two poles to cross. Life is too short.

Lanard I-Girl Asia and Cool Camping Days Tent
I-Girl Asia attempting to adjust the tent from the interior.

Lanard I-Girl Asia pushing the tent walls up.

Score? Tent 1: Dana and Asia, O. Setting up a real tent must be frustrating. People do this for fun? Asia and I lost patience with the tent. I let her punch it a few times. If I were to let loose on it, I would have done some serious damage. The camping life is not for us.

Lanard I-Girl Asia beating up inert tent
I-Girl Asia pummeling the triumphant tent.

Okay, Sahara, you can come out now. You don't have to set up the tent.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Stunning G.I. Joe Church and Action Figure Links

Need inspiration for a playscale church for your dolls and action figures?

Check out this incredible church by Mr. Jose Serrano as shown on Pinterest. Amazing, right? The realism and the grandeur of the building just engrosses my eyes. It looks as if we could walk in. Want to see more of it? Mr. Serrano shares additional photos on the self-described "world's #1 website for GI Joe Collections." You can see other G.I. Joe collections from that website, too.

Another link from that G.I. Joe Collections website is the Collector's Tips-n-Tricks page. Some of the tips are familiar like using IKEA Detolf, but there are some new ones. Or you might want to contact the webmaster Mark Otnes. Maybe you have some tips you would like to share with them.

Entranced by playscale Joes now? See what current customizers and enthusiasts are producing at The Joe Report.

Happy clicking.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Prettie Girls to be Sold at ToysRUs.com

The One World Doll Project announced that they will be selling the Prettie Girls dolls at ToysRUs.com  So far, Lena and Valencia appear; the other dolls will appear this fall. The TRU price is $24.99 each doll.



You might wonder why you should get the Prettie Girls from Toys R Us rather than from the manufacturers. Suppose Toys R Us offers free shipping on orders over $75.00. The $24.99 for your Prettie Girl would contribute to that cost.  

If Toys R Us stores were to sell the Prettie Girls dolls, I would like that. Nothing better than seeing the actual doll and choosing which one of many, you want.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Ken's Peachy Kicks

Are these cute or what? Ken's got peach Converse-style sneakers. No, I didn't get them today, but they are on my list. Is peach an "in" color for men's footwear this summer? I haven't noticed the trend, but perhaps it is. I have seen pastel men's suede shoes and low boots, but never have I seen peach sneakers. For guys, I mean. Not that I know all about men's footwear.

What do you think? Go, Ken? Or oh, no, Ken!

Ken outfit white v-neck with blue sleeves, rust pants/shorts? and peach Converse sneakers

And why 1981 on the pullover?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

My Pinterest Wish List

I know. I know. My birthday was last month. So, what's with the Pinterest DAF Wish List? Well, I pinned a how-to site and decided to try it. Voila. Easy, peasy, me so breezy. A way for me to share the spectacular photography of others here on my blog. Whooo hooo! Pretty pictures.

Sure, some of you may have unlimited dolly budgets. And sure, you are thinking, why don't I just buy some of those Wish List dolls and/or action figures for D7ana?* Holds up hand. Now, you know I cannot accept any new dolls or action figures at this time. Apply handkerchief. After I reduce the dolls and action figures I have to a more manageable quantity, then I will review what I have left and determine if the Wish List dolls and action figures remain the same. So this list might change. We will see.

Alas, I regret that you will see my photo at my Pinterest board. Sigh. Regrettable, that, but there you have it. For years, you have been spared. Shrug. Focus on the doll and action figure photos ... those are fun!

*I am joking: even if anyone has unlimited dolly funds, I would not expect him or her to buy stuff for me. Pfft. You have your own collections to gather and to photograph. So I can enjoy your pictures ... without increasing my collection ;-D

Monday, August 4, 2014

Creata Flower Princess Dolls from the 1980s

Disney Princesses had competition in the 1980s.

I saw some Creata Flower Princess fashion dolls on Tumblr recently. Anyone remember Creata? They produced Barbie-sized dolls such as the Flower Princess line, Jem-clones called Lace "the Celebrity Rock Star with Fashion & Fame," a circus-themed set, a 1950s-themed "Bobby Soxer", and others. I never had any of the other Creata dolls -- just the Flower Princesses and one Flower Prince. 

There are 3 main Flower Princesses, each with a suitor/husband and a daughter or younger sister*:

Princess Laurelle and Prince Lawrence and daughter/sister Laurissa*
Princess Leanna and Prince Lancelot and daughter/sister Lecia*
Princess Lisette and Prince Leslie and daughter/sister Linnea*.
The basic Leanna doll has painted green eyes and rooted blond hair; the basic Lisette has lavender painted eyes and rooted platinum blond hair. Many years ago, I had them and Prince Lancelot. (Yes, I sold those dolls.)

Creata also produced at least one black Flower Princess. Yes, you guessed it. I have her. The black Leanna appears in her original yellow dress in one post and re-dressed in a modern outfit in another post. I do not know if there were corresponding black Flower Princes or black daughter/sisters made. I don't recall seeing them in stores. (I haven't seen them online. Please share links, if you do.)

The Flower Princesses have their own fashions and furniture. Basic doll stuff, yes? A winged horse and unicorn are part of this line as well. So if you've always wanted a playscale unicorn, rest assured, one was produced.

This doll is a basic Flower Princess Laurelle. She has rooted titian hair with a few pink streaks in the front. She has painted blue eyes and what is called an "open/closed mouth."  The "open/closed" mouth means her mouth is molded into an open smile or grin, but the manufacturer painted the whole mouth pink instead of painting the teeth white. So the mouth is molded "open," but painted "closed."

Creata Flower Princess Laurelle
Creata Flower Princess Laurelle

Three-quarters profile of Creata Flower Princess Laurelle
Three-quarters Profile of Creata Flower Princess Laurelle

I am considering giving Flower Princess Laurelle a repaint. Should I de-tooth her or fill in her mouth to make fuller lips? Should I paint her teeth white? She could benefit from getting a new body, too. Might be tricky to match her ruddy face though. I like her face, but the body ... nah.

Back view of Creata Flower Princess Laurelle and her pink gown
Back of Creata Flower Princess Leanna undressed

Additional reading about the Flower Princess dolls is limited online. However, the three basic Flower Princess dolls I mention here are shown on pages 87-88 of Modern Collector's Dolls, Fifth Series by Patricia R. Smith. Collector Books, 1987.

*I have seen the child Flower Princess dolls described as the younger sister AND as the daughter so I leave both here. There is no company web page available; I might be able to confirm the child's status through back issues of Playthings magazine.