Saturday, May 9, 2009

Collector Confession: Dolls Get Dirty in Boxes

Identifying the dolls on the Sterilite chest:

Mattel Kate Jackson, Ideal Suntan Tuesday Taylor, Mattel Steve Sunshine, Hasbro Young Moses, Mattel 101 Dalmatians Barbie (AA), Mattel Michael (formerly of the Young Sweethearts), Mattel Asha, Mattel Baggie Francie, Ideal Beauty Queen Tuesday Taylor, Ideal Little Sister Dodi, and Hae Chung

Some of the dolls in the above photo come from my childhood and teen years. They're a little dusty because I had them in a cardboard box. So dust can penetrate cardboard boxes. Sigh. Time to get a plastic basin, some dishwash detergent, and a big fluffy towel.

Yet another reason why I need to overhaul my collection. I can't take great care of my collection at its current size. Specially since there are new ones I want to bring in ....

Super Cool Doll House Blog for 1:6 Scale Dioramas

The Vinyl Lounge aka Pink Parlour member "Urrgghh but call me Jim" submitted this message about a wonderful blog called "Super Cool Doll House."

The author of the "Super Cool Doll House" blog photographs his detailed doll dioramas and tells what materials were used to create the furnishings and settings.

Happy viewing!

Action Figures/Dolls and Pets in Photos - Flickr

I've uploaded some photos of some action figures and dolls with their 1:6 pets in my Flickr photo album.

These photos were taken for The Vinyl Lounge's photo theme - "Dolls and Pets - Post pix of your dolls and their furred or feathered friends." You can view related photos here.

Confronting the First Shelf - Deboxing Shelf Unit A

Continuing the deboxing of Shelf Unit A ...

1. Decide whether to keep

2. Photograph dolls and figures

3. Set aside any dolls or figures to be sold or donated

4. Decide if any are to remain boxed

5. Open the boxes on the others

6. Breakdown empty boxes

7. Find storage homes for the deboxed figures

Roville Update - May 5, 2009

There is a new Roville photostory available. Read about Sebastienne Fey, a fashion magazine editor. View the incredible sets and always stylish fashions. Savor the ever fascinating stories.

Thanks, Robin!