Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get Set Club and Mixis Body Comparison

I have three photos showing Get Set Club Isabella and Sunset Edition Houda of the Mixis for body comparison.

Houda and Isabella face up (left to right)

Houda and Isabella face down (left to right)

Houda and Isabella side view (left to right)

Get Set Club Dolls

The Get Set Club dolls are an exciting series of dolls from around 1999-2000 that were created by Jenny Baker. The dolls were geared to be an alternate choice to Barbie and the Cult of Pretty and Delicate. The Get Set Club dolls or G-Five as they were also called -- G-Five because there are five of them and their names are Gia, Fiona, Isabella, Vanessa, and Eva -- were based on a more "natural" or "average" proportioned woman. Translation: they had smaller breasts and fuller hips and butts as well as heavier legs and bigger feet than Barbie and the Barbie clones out. And most exciting to me, each doll had her own face sculpt. Yippee!

Unfortunately, the Get Set Club dolls did NOT succeed as hoped. The set of guy dolls that were to follow and the playsets and the outfits were never put on the market -- to my knowledge.

I'm adding photos of the Get Set Club dolls here:

Fiona close up

Gia close up

Isabella close up

Vanessa close up

Fiona and Isabella Profiles (left to right)

Vanessa and Gia Profiles (left to right)

G-Five Strut: Fiona, Isabella, Vanessa, and Gia (left to right)