Friday, September 17, 2010

Mystery Doll Query - Who is She?

No, you haven't got the wrong blog. Still PhillyCollector here, but I received a doll query in Comments that I decided to bring out for my fellow doll enthusiasts. My guess is that the doll is a Disney doll, possibly the Wicked Queen from Snow White? Just a guess though so I ask for Xandara, does anyone recognize this doll?

Thanks in advance for any answers.

Contender for the First Asian American Ken

Query and response post to Therese of Dolls of Color blog.

I wear a black leather jacket and black jeans instead of a red costume.

My black hair has trendy chartreuse streaks.

My grandmother was Japanese.

Do you remember me? I am 1 Modern Circle Ken.

I don’t care what the Press claims or the People believe. I know my Story. I know my Heritage. Shouldn't I be the first Asian American Ken? What do you think?