Friday, September 17, 2010

Contender for the First Asian American Ken

Query and response post to Therese of Dolls of Color blog.

I wear a black leather jacket and black jeans instead of a red costume.

My black hair has trendy chartreuse streaks.

My grandmother was Japanese.

Do you remember me? I am 1 Modern Circle Ken.

I don’t care what the Press claims or the People believe. I know my Story. I know my Heritage. Shouldn't I be the first Asian American Ken? What do you think?


AilanthusAltissima said...

This is a tough one! great response to Dolls of Color's post, though. I think it gets at the thorny issue of how much "blood" you need in order to have a certain ethnic heritage.

Dolls of Color said...

oh c'mon... he's already using the FIRST ever KEN sculpt... stop being so greedy... LOL

Niel Camhalla said...

Hi Dana! This is one of the guys I wanted. I didn't know he had Asian ancestry. Did it say in his box? :)

D7ana said...

Thanks, Kim! Yes, that's what intrigued me ... how much "blood" suffices for status and by whose determination? The individual? The individual's society? Which members of which groups - Ken's other family members, friends, neighbors? What makes that Ken "Asian American" or "White American?"

Therese, he's greedy and I am too, LOL. That Mattel used the FIRST Ken face sculpt for a Ken with a "mixed" ethnic background provoke these questions - did they just "cheap out" and use the early mold because it existed already or did they feel that the Japanese grandmother's "blood" contribution was insufficient to produce a markedly different Ken from the default, i.e., "White" Ken?

Hi, Niel! 1MC Ken is thrilled that he is one of the guys you wanted ;-D This Ken's ancestry was in the online blurb and I think in a pamphlet or booklet that came with him. I'll investigate to see if I can find the exact source ;-)