Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cyber Monday

Wikipedia defines Cyber Monday as the first Monday after Black Friday. Whether you believe that employees return to work after a long weekend and log in to their work computers to shop online, you might find the phrase-affiliated site, CyberMonday useful. I have not shopped there before, but if anyone reading this post decides to try it, please write here to let me know about it.

Happy Buying, All!

And to All, Great Buys!

Target Barbie Holiday Exclusive(s) 2009

I first read about the Target Exclusive Happy Holidays Barbie at Charles' Doll Diary. Cute doll and cute holiday accessories like a Barbie-sized Christmas stocking to match any doll ornaments you might get. Charles' photo showed a doll in a red-white dress. So when I checked the doll remainders yesterday (the Black Friday leavings) and saw a pink-white dressed doll as well, I thought, photograph the pair.

Does anyone know if there are other variations on this doll? And are there ever any ethnic Target Holiday dolls? Curious, I am. There are ethnic Halloween Kellys so .... Eh well.