Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Zica Toys' Action Jackson - No NOT Carl Weathers

First, no, we are NOT talking about Carl Weathers or the "Action Jackson" 80's movie.

No, I am talking about the re-issue of a classic action figure, Action Jackson, by a new toy company, Zica Toys. Action Jackson originally was an 8-inch tall jointed action figure created by Mego Corporation. Raise your hand if you remember Mego Corporation. Oh Mego ... producers of the Waltons, Cher, Diana Ross, Dinah-Mite, and many other 8-inch and over 12-inch action figures and dolls.
Aside: I still remember firmly grasping the Waltons' farmhouse in both hands while standing in the checkout line of a South Philly toy store. My Dad stood in line after me. He kept tapping his fingernails on my shoulder. He told me that I was not going to waste my money on "that junk." I was all the more determined to get it so I stood my ground. He went to wait for me in the car. Alas, the farmhouse was not only too short for my Barbies, it was 95% cardboard with plastic steps and porch posts. (Lesson for me a la caveat emptor; lesson for my Dad in that he ought to have gotten my glasses replaced. Sigh.)

Those were the golden days for Mego. But there may be life after cancellation for one Mego brand: Action Jackson. Today, Zica Toys shows some prototype head on this Facebook page. They will produce African American figures if the initial dolls sell. Maybe even a Carl Weathers' Action Jackson figure ;-)

P.S. Zica Toys also have a Yvonne action figure whose head sells on eBay. Additional reference? Check this article on The Joe Report,

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Nostalgic about the original Mego figures? There is an online resource for you; it's called the Mego Museum. Enjoy!