Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Zica Toys' Action Jackson - No NOT Carl Weathers

First, no, we are NOT talking about Carl Weathers or the "Action Jackson" 80's movie.

No, I am talking about the re-issue of a classic action figure, Action Jackson, by a new toy company, Zica Toys. Action Jackson originally was an 8-inch tall jointed action figure created by Mego Corporation. Raise your hand if you remember Mego Corporation. Oh Mego ... producers of the Waltons, Cher, Diana Ross, Dinah-Mite, and many other 8-inch and over 12-inch action figures and dolls.
Aside: I still remember firmly grasping the Waltons' farmhouse in both hands while standing in the checkout line of a South Philly toy store. My Dad stood in line after me. He kept tapping his fingernails on my shoulder. He told me that I was not going to waste my money on "that junk." I was all the more determined to get it so I stood my ground. He went to wait for me in the car. Alas, the farmhouse was not only too short for my Barbies, it was 95% cardboard with plastic steps and porch posts. (Lesson for me a la caveat emptor; lesson for my Dad in that he ought to have gotten my glasses replaced. Sigh.)

Those were the golden days for Mego. But there may be life after cancellation for one Mego brand: Action Jackson. Today, Zica Toys shows some prototype head on this Facebook page. They will produce African American figures if the initial dolls sell. Maybe even a Carl Weathers' Action Jackson figure ;-)

P.S. Zica Toys also have a Yvonne action figure whose head sells on eBay. Additional reference? Check this article on The Joe Report,

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Nostalgic about the original Mego figures? There is an online resource for you; it's called the Mego Museum. Enjoy!


Robotica said...

I would've loved the Walton's farmhouse and dolls. That was my favorite show as a kid. I didn't even know they had those back then.

Male Doll World said...

Thanks for the info about the figures. I dislike when companies fail to produce the African American at the initial stage. Usually the African American figure never gets made. Examples: Babysitter Club, Hairspray, Girlforce.

AudraBark1 said...

I've recently been very fortunate to find two Mego girlsl--Wonder Woman and Candi's friend Wild Berry (now my avatar). Mego rocks!

D7ana said...

Hi Robotica and Male Doll World!

@Robotica - Mego also produced a truck and a General Store as well as 6 of the characters, sold in pairs: Ma and Pa, Grandma and Grandpa, John Boy and Mary Ellen. I still have Grandma - don't know what happened to Grandpa ;-)

The farmhouse disappointed me because I had thought it was all hard plastic - ha! - but it was cardboard and required assembly. There's a Facebook page for the MegoMuseum, too.

Robotica, thanks for the post on your blog about those cool bargains at TRU.

@Male Doll World - sigh, yes. I *hear* you. On the plus side though, maybe they'll produce an African American or Black figure with ethnic features rather than the old school, "chocolate colored" plastic figures. I hope that is the case for this company.

And I have good news for you regarding those AA dolls that were never made: DBG of Black Doll Collecting has or had a Black Babysitter Club doll with a younger sister. Might have been the 14" dolls, but an AA doll was produced. Sorry I do not have the link; I could not find it on her blog so it might be in one of her books.

Next, there were two Black G.I.R.L. Force dolls. See these photos and related ones. I have never seen them myself, but maybe some day ....

Alas, no such news for the AA character in Hairspray. Still, 2 out of 3 ... ;-)

Happy clicking!

D7ana said...

Thanks, AudraBark, for sharing your Mego dolls. Those are exciting finds.

Muff said...

That Cher in the purple dress is the one I got when I was a kid! Too bad I wasn't into dolls then as I would have kept her.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

The story about the Walton's farmhouse and your father made me laugh. Father does know best on some things! I can imagine your disappointment. I just have one Mego figure - Lt. Uhura.

D7ana said...

Hi Muff and Roxanne!

@Muff - we had a Cher doll - my sister did and I inherited her b/c neither of my sisters were into fashion dolls. Don't know what happened to her, er Cher doll, sigh.

@Roxanne - oh, yes, he did know best there, lol. And my smarty-pants self was disappointed, ;-)

I would have liked to have the playscale Lt. Uhura by Playmates. Congrats on retaining your Mego Lt. Uhura.