Sunday, October 20, 2013

Correction to Tanned Raquelle Post - She Ain't Raquelle!

In my last post, I wrote about a thrilling "discovery" - a tanned, purple-haired Raquelle. Well, first Jewel Snake asked about the identity of the doll. Was I sure that the new doll is Raquelle? I looked at the photo I took and  dolls with the other Barbie face mold. Back and forth, back and forth, I looked. But I couldn't see the Barbie in the purple-haired doll. Then an anonymous reader and Ms. Leo questioned the identification of the purple-haired doll as Raquelle. I felt a less certain about the identification I had made.

So I thought: check the head molds. Before I could ask that info though, I found myself in another Walmart store. (Yes, that easily, ha ha. Poof.) Once there, I could not resist the lure of the toy department and the Barbie aisle in particular. The Eureka moment occurred. This store had both an "In the Spotlight" Raquelle AND the new purple-haired Mariposa doll on the shelves.

Okay, I see now. Raquelle's nose is smaller; her mouth is wider with thinner and flatter lips. The Mariposa friend has larger eyes that tilt up more than Raquelle's.
Her smile is less toothy. Raquelle's face seems a little flatter. Hmmm ...

So - alas - no tanned Raquelle's yet. I apologize for any disappointment caused.

But good news for Muff - the purple-haired Mariposa doll seems to have a normal-sized head.

Let's thank Jewel Snake, Ms. Leo, and Anonymous for their keen eyes! Applause.


V. said...

Thank you for the enlightment! I didn't know both dolls so it's always a nice surprise :)

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I saw these dolls in stores in my town and they are not Raquelle. A pity. I think they have the Summer face mold. Keep in touch

D7ana said...

Hi V. and Marta! Thanks for your comments.

@V. - Glad to share these dolls. They are available in Spain - thanks, Marta - so they may become available in Portugal. Whoo hoo! Good news, yes?

@Marta - thanks for the identification of this doll. Maybe it was wishful thinking on my part, but I kept thinking she was Raquelle until I saw her next to Raquelle. Sigh. Yes, I will keep in touch. Glad that you do, too.

Carrickters said...

Sheis still a very pretty doll although I don't really like the moulded torso on these dolls.

Muff said...

Hmm. She could be a Summer because those do have a bit of a five head when it comes to hair placement, but she could also be a Theresa.

I think I'll get her if she goes on clearance. I kinda like her hair.

D7ana said...

Hi Muff and Carrickters. Thanks for your comments!

@Carrickters - I agree that she is a very pretty doll. And I hate like poison when Mattel and/or other companies mold clothes onto the doll bodies. Grrr!

@Muff - I like her hair color, too. It looks 2-toned which tends to be nice sometimes. And if she goes on clearance, yeah, she could be a keeper ;-)

I'm not guessing who she is yet, lol. I was so sure she was Raquelle and then I saw she totally is NOT. Shrug.

ChampagneBarbie said...

Im a Raquelle doll fan and would have loved to see her tan and maybe even a beachy look with her dark mane.
I love how informative your blog is :)


D7ana said...

Hi Christine La Bella! Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment to my blog. I like to inform when I can, to connect people, and to entertain them.

A tanned Raquelle would have been nice. Perhaps Mattel will get around to re-using that face mold for other dolls ...

Love your blog, too. I have to catch up: you have dolls I recognize and some I have not seen in the vinyl.

Studio 126 said...

What date stamp is on the nape of the not-Raquelle?

D7ana said...

Hi Studio 126! I do not know the date stamp information on the nape of the not-Raquelle doll. (I photographed her in the store.) Good place to start to determine which head sculpt she has. I'll submit a query asking for that information.