Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tanned Mattel Raquelle Anyone?

Raquelle face doll fans, alert! There is a suntanned Raquelle doll available. Usually, Raquelle has light or fair complexion. But if you'd like to see her with a tawnier complexion - and you do not mind purple hair OR re-rooting fashion doll heads, this doll is for you. She's one of the Mariposa co-star or friend fairy dolls. Walmart calls this doll a "co-star," while Amazon calls her, "friend."


There is a close-up photograph and a full length photograph. What do you think of her? Happy searching!


Muff said...

I don't mind the hair color much but can you tell if her head is small or the larger sized?

jewel snake said...

I'm Raquelle fan and would love to have her tanned too , but I'm puzzled. Are you sure it's Raquelle and not one of the older molds, from Fashion Fever time? Like this one?

I see on Amazon site (Walmart is Americans only) that doll isn't expensive, good :)

D7ana said...

Hi Muff! Head size for this doll ... I think it was toward the smaller size. I don't recall crinkling my nose over the size of her head. You know, when you look at the dolls' head, step back, and mouth "damn?"

I'll check the next time I am in that store though ;-).

D7ana said...

Good question, jewel snake!

I've been looking back at this photo, at your photo, and at dolls I have with both face sculpts. I think this purple-haired doll has the Raquelle head because I think that her cheeks are flatter than the late Fashion Fever head. The FF doll head also has a more dramatic eye tilt than this one.

(But I confess to being fuzzy on the difference between the Goddess face mold and the Kay/Lea face mold.)

Still, I would love to hear from people who have bought this doll. Is she the Raquelle face sculpt?

Anonymous said...

I´m afraid she´s not, after all, a tanned Raquelle... Damm! She sports the former barbie head (between one period of the Generation girl headmold and nowadays). I hope they released Raquelle on different complexions.. she´s not Kayla, but she´s a cutie too!

D7ana said...

Thanks, Anonymous. She looks so much like the basic Raquelle ... I mean the one without the mouth twist ;-)

I know the Barbie face mold you mean. I'm trying to see that mold as that doll. I'll provide a link(s) to that doll tomorrow ;-)

lindaivette montes de oca said...

Muy bonita, espero verla pronto en mi estante. Gracias por el dato.

Ms. Leo said...

I have this picture on the on the net. Maybe this will help!

Ms. Leo said...

OK Here are the tow head sculpts together.

D7ana said...

Hi Lindaivette Montes de Oca and Ms. Leo!

@Lindaivette Montes de Oca - Es un placer. Espero que veas pronto, también.

@Ms. Leo, Jewel Snake, and Anonymous! Hey, you are all right. The purple-haired doll is NOT a tanned Raquelle. Your photo links helped, Ms. Leo. And I went to another Walmart and placed the purple-haired doll next to a Raquelle doll. Immediately, I noticed the difference in the nose and in the lips. Raquelle has a tinier nose and thinner lips.

I'll share that photo in an update to this blog. Thanks for drawing my attention to the difference ;-)

and thanks