Friday, September 24, 2010

More Integrity Playline Information - Source Link and Another Alysa Photo

I was checking for one-sixth scale eyeglasses when I saw these dolls STILL available! Old Joe Infirmary not only updated their website, they also have a few of the newer - probably second / 2.5 face sculpts AND the last face sculpts - available for reasonable prices -- under $20 -- do click that link to see if there are any dolls you would want there.

Here is another photo for all the Alysa fans out there - Royal Heritage [Bride] Alysa! And [Groom] Alejandro - he's cute, too. Sigh. Wipes at eye corner with a tissue. Such a lovely couple!

I think that the bride set at the Keeping Ken article is the second or the first Alysa sculpt while mine is from the 2.5 sculpt.

More Hispanic Fashion Dolls - Chic Boutique Arianna

I have mentioned the Chic Boutique dolls in a previous post; here is a close up photo of Arianna, one of their Hispanic fashion dolls.