Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kayla's "Skin" Problem

Has anyone ever seen Mattel dolls with "ashy face" problems?

I have a Kayla and a Lea with "ashy face" problems. Both faces seem to have "dry" skin or "talcum powder leaks." The Cali Girl Lea has the powder scent so I can reason that she is leaking talcum powder. Only at her face. However, the other scented dolls from that series, Cali Girl Christie and Cali Girl Summer, do NOT have ashy faces. Christie has been deboxed, but Summer has never been taken from her box.

Fashion Fever Kayla from Wave C also has this ashy, powder leak face.

The Cali Girl dolls, Christie, Lea, and Summer and Fashion Fever Kayla all have "Made in China" on their 2004 dated boxes.