Friday, October 25, 2013

Janay Research - Pinterest Update

I submitted this query to MasterCollectors online contact:

Hi, I have followed your Toy Fair Reviews since 2002. May I pin your Integrity Toys Janay and Friends photos on Pinterest? Your photos have your logo and I would leave your link in my comment. It is difficult to find good photos of those dolls. The Pinterest board I would load them to is Integrity Janay & Friends.

Thanks for maintaining your Toy Fair archives and for your response, whatever you decide.

And the result? Permission granted! Yay! So Janay and other Integrity playline doll fans, go check out my newly expanded Integrity Janay & Friends board. I have annotated the photos with doll identification when I recognized the dolls shown or other information gleaned over the years. Please let me know if any notes need correcting. Enjoy!

P.S. Debbie, this post is part 1 of the promised "sister" post to your Janay post.