Friday, February 20, 2009

Tracy Turnblad Up Close

In a recent post on Blog of Eternal Stench, blogger EW aka Modern Wizard, comments on an ad demanding that parents keep their children away from obesity. I mentioned the two plump dolls that I have - Mattel's Rosie O'Donnell and PlayAlong's Tracy Turnblad. I am posting close up photos of Tracy here.

Tracy face forward

Tracy's right side

Tracy's left side

Toy Hunt at Big Lots, Norristown - Part 2

Big Lots also had the following Kitchen set that was available to K B Toys:

I had bought a similar Kitchen set from K B Toys under the Home Sweet Home banner a few years ago.

Recycling and the Collector

This post was inspired by a ModernWizard query/comment.

What materials annoy DAF collectors? Plastic inserts, styrofoam, and wire twist ties. We love the protection - everyone wants to get an intact doll or action figure. After we remove the doll or figure, we are left with packaging. Packaging and how to get rid of it. Responsibly. Time to breakdown the box, separating the cardboard from the clear plastic and/or any styrofoam. Hoping that the trash collectors will take the separated materials. Putting the separated materials in a large, dark plastic bag if/when the trash collectors are on a "garbage only" tour and then a litterer adds food to the recyclables. Grrr ...

Collectors, we have an alternative. And I don't mean putting everything in a large, dark plastic bag the first time. We can recycle our packaging junk by re-using it.

I don't have any recycling projects, but I know of at least three websites where you can find inspiring new uses for DAF packaging. Please see these links:

C. Bradford Gorby's 1:6 Scale Diorama Creations


J. Steven York's "Thinking inside the Box" post dated Tuesday, September 02, 2008


DollDivas Dioramas

You can also check archives of online boards like Men With Dolls or One Sixth Warriors for customized furniture and structures.