Sunday, December 29, 2013

Collectors Three, Mixis Three, and PrettieGirls One

Last weekend, Ms. Leo invited local doll enthusiasts to a doll play meet. She brought coffee and Dunkin' Donuts doughnuts. A date and location were set. Cyndy Bee and I were able to attend. I cannot speak for the others, but I had fun. How often do you feel free to discuss dolls and finding things for them? We discussed other collector-enthusiasts whose work we admired and learned of "new" photographers and artisans. Shared blog addresses and Flickr accounts.

We unpacked the Show and Tell items we had each brought. Cyndy brought a charming hostess gift for Ms. Leo - which I will leave for Ms. Leo to describe - and a well-constructed wooden doll trunk created by her husband. Cyndy explained how he put together two shadow boxes and how she decorated the interior of the box.

Ms. Leo brought some of her new dolls: Max, Marie, and Lena of the Prettie Girls. (So Cyndy and I got to see a Prettie Girl doll in the vinyl. Very helpful. Now I want at least THREE of those dolls ... sometime next year, but THREE. Pleased to have decided that.) Ms. Leo also brought a doll clothes pattern book, some accessories, and two neat rug coverings that I claimed along with a pair of men's sneakers when we made trades. My printer is out of ink so the rugs were a welcome accessory since I would not have been able to print them online anytime soon.

I brought a NRFB YNU Group Inc. Limited Edition Emerald, a LE Rosa, and a First Edition Opal as well as accessories and my extra Mixis doll fashion. Ms. Leo had wanted to see the Mixis dolls and the series was new to Cyndy. I got to see Lena of the Prettie Girls. Yes, the Prettie Girls and the Mixis dolls can wear each other’s clothes with only two off elements:

The Mixis dolls are a little wider in the torso so more fitted Prettie Girls fashions may not fit them properly. Lena's blouse barely fit Opal. The Prettie Girls' torso is closer to Barbie's with an inward curve at the lower back similar to the new JLo doll and/or the early Shani dolls. The distinction between the waist and the hips on the Mixis dolls is not as exaggerated.

The Prettie Girls have slightly longer legs so Opal’s jeans might seem high-water on Lena. However, Lena’s pants (which I thought were high-water) fit Opal's leg length.

See how the Prettie Girls body dips at the lower back.

As I mentioned, I had fun. Thanks, Ms. Leo for making the arrangements for this meet and for bringing me out of my home doll cave ;-) Thanks Cyndy for coming along and contributing to a jolly time. See you both next year.