Thursday, September 18, 2008

Surprise Find at E-Z Discount Store on 60th Street

Yesterday, I went to E-Z Discount Store located on 60th Street below Market Street in West Philadelphia. Sometimes you can find older dolls and action figures in small stores, not part of a chain. There were no older Barbies -- or any Barbies -- but there were some 11.5 fashion dolls by Totsy that belonged to the Legends of Yesteryear Series: Emeraude. The 11.5 fashion doll resembles the Disney/Mattel Esmeralda from The Hunchback on Notre Dame film. She's the sort of cheap doll that I would usually bypass, but ... Emeraude did not come alone. No, and I am not referring to the $20.00 set that included her and the Quasimodo counterpart. I'm talking about the $9.99 Festival Emeraude who comes with a 1:6 scale GOAT. Sure the goat's eyes need work, and why are his inner ears and nostrils fuchsia? This has to be a first for me ... a playscale goat.

I have a donkey with the Power Team World Peacekeepers Trailwalker aka Farmer Miles. My Lanard I-Girls have two toucans, a panda, and a brown lab retriever dog. Not a single goat though. Now we have a goat. Just what every urban farmer needs. Chevre cheese a-coming next.

Aside: maybe the pink ears and nostrils on the goat are not unnatural. See the goat photos shown at this web page: