Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Part 1: Request for Links - #NoMoreGlueHeads

I owe this idea to Mrs. Anderson's recent post Everybody loves Mattel's greasy glue. Thanks, "Mrs. A," for contributing to this topic. Four words: glue in dolls' heads. Yes, it seems that glue heads aka fashion dolls with glue-filled heads remain a problem. Sigh. Many of you may have encountered this problem with your Mattel - and possibly other manufacturers' - dolls. If you have written any posts on this subject or you know of relevant articles, would you please share that information in a comment?

Why? Ah ... that's for Part 2.

Here are some of the results from my search for "Mattel glue head dolls:"

Charles' post from 2009 about the puzzling presence of glue in late 2008 - forward Mattel dolls.

Two collectors' findings among their Indonesia-produced Monster High dolls (mature language and content).

Mike's original 2012 video and updated 2013 one.       

Sandy Neeson's Change.org petition from 3 years ago that netted 637 supporters before the petition closed.

BlackKitty's fixes for "g(l)oohaired dolls" 2013    

Mrs. Anderson 2014 post on Mattel's greasy hair problem.

Here are some dolls I have happily re-bodied. They had NO glue in their heads.