Saturday, September 1, 2012

Two More Sites Identifying Barbie (& Friends) Faces

I have two, yes TWO links to websites that identify Barbie fashion dolls. So if you have some "mystery Barbies" scattered around, grab those dollies and head for your computer. Online identification awaits. Some of you might recognize Michelle's Barbie page site as an old favorite; others might recognize the newer website generated by the ABC Doll Club. But if either or both are new to you, welcome to these wonder doll sites.

Michelle's Barbie page shows several Barbie and other fashion dolls. She also has pages about ethnic fashion dolls. Did anyone know that Mattel had created Barbie dolls of the world from Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway? I didn't recall DotW dolls from those countries.

The ABC Doll Club has a Barbie doll Wiki that identifies Barbies by face mold. Want to see the recent dolls made with the Tango face mold? There is a link for that. What about the Mbili or the Mackie head molds. More links. If you would like to investigate Barbie family fashion dolls by this criteria, try their website for some answers. There are also links and details about Integrity Toys' dolls, it is another source for identifying fashion dolls.

Happy researching!