Monday, October 6, 2014

Barbie de la Virgen? Argentinian Artists "Plastic Religion" Exhibit

Artists Emiliano "Pool" Paolini and Marianela Perelli have given Barbie and Ken religious roles for their October 11,  2014 exhibit, "Barbie, The Plastic Religion." You can see some of the dolls here

Some Italian catholic bishops - among others - are angered by the Barbie-religion juxtaposition. Others  consider the pairing natural. Ms. Perelli states that they used Barbies to rebel against conformity. As a life-long collector, I am amazed at the creativity and expression Barbie evokes in spite of her "plasticity" or perhaps, because of it. Think of the additional dolls and action figures ... the playscale market as stemming from one idealized figure.

But what about seeing Barbie and Ken as religious entities? First, I felt uneasy because "Protestants don't do religious iconography," but as I noted the "correct" blue in Mary's gown and other visual cues, I realized, we do. And the toothy grins? Who's to say that God and Mary and Jesus never grinned? Although probably not on a crucifix ....

UPDATE: the "Plastic Religion" has been cancelled. Thanks, Night Owl, for sharing this news. What do you think about that cancellation?