Sunday, June 23, 2013

Undressing Harry: A 1 Direction Review

A local Walmart has several of the first issue 1 Direction Harry Styles dolls at the clearance cost of $10.00. Lucky me got him as an early birthday present. So I had to debox him and present him here as he is. No poser body, just the original no bend arms, no twist waist, and click - ha ha - bend knees.

First, I am glad that I have this version of Harry. The subsequent versions are made from that horrible waxy-looking plastic that reminds me of the Gangers on a bad day. Hideous faces, all of that lot have. Shudder. Though the clothes might be nice ... sigh. But this is the Harry issue I wanted and for sale, too. Cool.

For those interested, Harry stands about 11" tall. Yes, not 12". Not 11 1/2". Eleven inches. Which makes him fit in with my High School Musical teens. And his clothes fit them although his pants are a little longer. But given that his pants' fabric is thinner than most Mattel pants, that is not a problem.

Here I have Harry standing next to another Hasbro male teenager - Paul from the S Club 7. Paul stands around 11 3/4" tall. Yes, still not 12". He and Harry both have these click bend knees that do not bend much. Straight arms on both. Wide stances. Harry stands a little wider than Paul - and Harry can keep his standing balance a little better than Paul.

Ta da. Close up of Harry's face. I love his molded locks. Pity that his hair wasn't rooted, but there you have. Or don't have [rooted hair]. He's got the tiny, gimlet eyes that many action figures and/or personalized dolls have. Nice white teeth individually molded. And a nice big ear on the left side.

The shoes are my favorite accessory from this doll. They are molded plastic, but very life-like and detailed. Love the brown neutral color and the black heel and black bottom and black laces. I would have thought that brown oxfords were an older man's shoe choice, but I am glad to have them. I will check to see which other guys can wear these.

I hope to find the first version of Zayn next.

Curious about this doll? Muff has some posts about Justin Bieber who seems to be around Harry's size. Ms. Leo has a post that shows a rebodied Zayn. And Limbe Dolls shows the One Direction outfits worn by other dolls.