Thursday, November 8, 2012

Which 1 Direction Harry Do You Prefer?

Have you got your red box 1 Direction fashion dolls? You might want to make sure that you do, because new sets are coming. One set is called "The Video Collection". These same faces appear in a possibly "rare" "Singing Collection" set. I saw one of the Video dolls the other day in the Center City Kmart. Okay, the first Harry doll is not pretty, but OMG, is the second one fugly? Sorry. I don't think that the new Harry doll face is an improvement ... well, I will let the photo show what I mean.

I confess to being biased in favor of attractive dolls. Usually. Note, I did not type "pretty" or "beautiful," but "attractive." That covers a range that translates to something that I find appealing. I like the hair of the doll ... something about the plastic curls amuses me. And I like his beady eyes. And the outfit. But this new Harry doll - while having bigger eyes than the first doll - looks less like the young singer than the first version. This one reminds me of the actress Hilary Swank ... in drag. Or maybe her younger brother ....

Still, I might get the second doll for the outfit. I prefer the first outfit, but the second one would be a nice young man's shirt and pants. See the photo below of the two dressed Harrys.

In case you need to see the difference of the new box for the Video Collection, the new box is white instead of the bright red of the first collection. If only he wore the same outfit as the one worn by the singer on the box. (Sigh. Now that navy jacket would have been a great asset to my male doll wardrobe. Shrug. Alas. Not to be.)

What do you think of the two Harrys? Do you have a preference? Or do both set you heart tingling? (Note: neither makes any part of me tingle ... I'd just like to have additional young males for my playscale high school. The real singers are too young, too "callow" for me, lol.)

Want to see more 1 Direction dolls? Check here.


Cat said...

I find both equally terrifying. They don't look like the kid on the box at all. (Sorry I know nothing about this band.) Even as a young fan girl this would have scared me and all my dolls. Too harsh? :/

MissSpottyJane said...

The second version looks a bit like Carrot Top going incognito in an over-sized toupee.

Muff said...

I don't have any of these fellows. I saw them in the stores but they looked so stiff and uncomfortable. I thought I would at least buy some for the clothes but even that didn't strike my fancy. I dunno, neither Harry is catching my eyes.

D7ana said...

Hi Cat, MissSpottyJane, and Muff!

@Cat - I don't know much about the group either. I seldom do, lol. No, your comments aren't too harsh. I like the first one because the molded plastic hair swirls amuse me for some reason - shrug. The second does seem to wear an over-sized toupee as MSJ notes.

@MissSpottyJane - ROTFLMAO - oh, that's a better description. Carrot Top in a BIG toupee.

@Muff - I like the odd stiffness of the figures. I doubt that my other dolls will swoon at the sight of them. Sigh. Shrug. Some of my people are soooo lookist ;-D

Ms. Leo said...

I have really been hoping to see male dolls or action figures wearing 1D clothing but I haven't. not on eBay or Flickr. I kinda like the jacket and wonder how it would look on Ken. I would buy the second because I like the face better and I know because of the cut, the clothing is useable. The first doll, the jack may be a one piece thing and could be too tight.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like the clothes the two Harrys are wearing. I think He is a pretty boy ... In my country these collections are never on sale in stores. A pity!! Keep in touch

D7ana said...

Hi Ms. Leo and Marta!

@Ms. Leo - I hope that the jacket is separate from the "shirt" and sweater. The shirt and sweater might be one piece - ugh, but understandable - but I sooo hope the jacket is separate ;-D

@Marta - Darn. I hope that this collection - at least ONE of them, reaches Spain. Is the 1Direction group popular there?

Anonymous said...

Hi from Germany :) I would love to buy the second doll, the clothes are nice, but the main reason is that I think it looks like a young Davy Jones and to have such a doll would make me very happy. I'm 49 and have very nice memories of watching the Monkees on my Grandpa's knees or playing on the carpet, holding some dolls in my hands, and Davy was so sweet! :) But I fear it's the same thing as in Spain, I will never be so lucky and see this doll in stores here.
I've heard about that band in TV, but I don't know something about them. I thought they were produced by a local TV show or so ^^
Many greets on this pre-Christmas sunday! Anita

D7ana said...

Hi Anita! I remember watching The Monkees and guess who was my favorite? Yes, Davy Jones. He was sooo cute!

I do not understand why the One Direction dolls should NOT be sold in Germany and in Spain. Perhaps because the group is British? But they are now sold here in the U.S. so ... shrug. Most likely, there is not a large fan base for the group in Germany or in Spain. If there were a large fan set in those countries, the fan set would demand that the dolls be carried there as well.

I wish The Wanted dolls were sold here in the U.S. as well as the One Direction dolls, but The Wanted singers do not seem to have as many followers here in the U.S. Sigh. Not yet anyway.

I have nerve though since I could barely care less about either group, lol. I just want the DOLLS.

Anonymous said...

Hi dear D7ana :)
I don't understand it too, but really not everything from Barbie or so is sold in Germany. I am not so informated in the brand new things but I know it from 'my' german internet group (the one I am member in, you know), many people are sad about, they have to buy in the U.S. and pay very much tax. On the other hand we had the dark Carla as a friend of Tutti and Chris- I will NEVER understand why, though it makes me still happy. She was so sweet, I own her still:)
Oh, and: did you know that dolls like Dancerina or so,I mean the dolls from Mattel, had sleeping eyes here in difference to your country? WHY, for heaven's sake?
My sister lost her Dancerina when we moved. This doll is very rare in Germany and this makes her expensive- but I cannot buy an American one for my sister, Dancerina has such a strange face to us with that painted eyes!

Yes, they always try to introduce those groups here too with very massive pushing in T.V, in magazines or so. But as I said, I only heard two or three times, not more, about them, in some kind of trashy news magazine which is aired right before the Simpsons start every evening at 5 o'clock p.m. , between things like: ' Madonna on tour' and' Boys on vacation- will the cheat their girlfriends? We pay for the vacation of Kai, Stefan and Thomas and are always just one step behind them and show what we had filmed to their girlfriends', of course it is TOTALLY true and not a little bit of a show! LOL.
I think when you are older than twelve or thirteen you don't watch this. And this was the only place I heard about them, so it seems they are not very well known here, and so you're sure right that this may be the reason the dolls are not available here.
When I was a child we made our own celebrety dolls. I have a doll, for example, which had to wear eyebrows made of playdoh when I had a crush on Mr. Spock^^, because you could not buy such a doll here. Today it is a LITTLE bit better ( you could buy Star Wars stuff, for example) but still it is much more less ( I am not sure if THIS sentence is correct, lol, but I hope it's clear what I want to say) stuff here than in your country. Sigh! I'm still jealous when I think I could have bought dolls from all that sweet guys I loved and they could have kissed my Petra- and Barbie-dolls at day and sleep beside my pillow at night :)

(Part one, I had to split)

Anonymous said...

I have to say I never heared about 'The Wanted ', *shy*. I hope I don't seem to be a little bit stupid :D
And: Yes, of course! I don't think you are fan of little boys:) Don't be afraid :)
I try to remember- did they sell dolls of, let's say, Tokio Hotel here? I don't think so. Bedclothes and mugs and schoolbags and such stuff. I think dolls are always not usual here. I think that Hanna Montana- Barbies are sold here but not more. As you, I would like to buy such celebrity-dolls. It is not so nice always to have male dolls with one face :/
Oh, one thing I wanted to tell you about that doll you prefer: Its eyes remind me a little bit of a clone-Ken I had when I was a very little girl. I wanted to have that clone because, as I wrote before, I wanted to have a man with a different face for my dolls, and this man was made like the first Ken. But (though I like that early Ken today very much because I see that it is a very young man from the U.S. of the late Fifties) I really was afraid of him! He had so strange eyes which stared so straight. And this doll in the red box has this eyes too. If I wouldn't remember that I was so afraid when I was small I wouldn't see it today that this doll is staring at me (and you :) ).

It is very nice that you do remember the Monkees too! It was a very sad time when Davy passed away. I must say that this was a time I was really thankful for facebook. Peter Tork was so kind to allow us 'old girls' to chat on his page and Micky did share his pain with us and so I met very lovely people- and I am still in touch with them- who had the same feelings as I. You know, it was like loosing a part of your own family. because we were so young in that days long ago and have so many memories. Davy always seemed like a little boy from the neighborhood to me and as if we had played together :')

Well, I wrote so much and crazy stuff and nothing fits to each other! I am really ashamed :) It is deep at night (nearly 2 o' clock a.m.)and I am very surprised and happy that you did answer to me, this makes me wild :) I just found your page- just a few days ago, you know- and since I LOVE dolls and have nobody to talk about around me, I love to read about them and it is my 'candy' before I go to bed. It is so nice that I found your page and so lovely you wrote always so much! This I wanted to tell you.THANK YOUUU :) and a big 'pre- Christmas-hug' from Berlin- yours, 'non-robot' Anita.
(p.S.: Sorry for this part before without an end! I had to split because chatted and chatted much to much)

D7ana said...

Hi Anita from Berlin - ;-D

Thanks for writing. I enjoy reading your comments. Have you seen the Dr. Spock "action figures" by Playmates? They did a recent one and some older ones.

Part 1 from me ;-D