Monday, March 18, 2013

New Ken Fashions ... Love the New Footwear!

I saw these three Ken fashions in Walmart today. While I may have seen the polka dot tuxedo before - possibly - the other two were fresh new to my eyes.

I call this one "Ken's Lumberjack Look."

Ken pulls out a blue-white plaid flannel-look shirt. I don't recall many flannel plaids for Ken so this is new. (I might be mistaken though. Please let me know if you can recall other flannel shirts worn by Ken.) Then again, I don't suppose flannel is a big fashion look. The reddish-maroon pants might be tie-dyed. Cute. Not overwhelmed by them though. The shoes though. Shriek. OMG! CHUKKAS! I used to wear chukka boots for casual wear. (Not that guys did not wear them or that I wore men's clothes. Chukkas could be worn by men or by women.) Aren't they cute? Tan chukka boots for Ken. Well, well.

Next up a black satiny tuxedo with white polka dots. This one I would call, "Barbie Made Me Wear It." Hot Barbie pink shirt or more likely, dickey. Eye roll. Okay, this is a Barbie-fashion match outfit, hmmm? Bright and not to my slightly conservative (fashion) taste.

Then again, the shoes might be black oxfords. That would be a neat look although it would be a little old fashioned for Ken. Then again, it might offset the polka dots and pink.

The last fashion, I would consider "Ken Goes Preppy."

Ken has a patterned pullover and lightweight plaid long shorts. Madras. Shrug. Cute but nothing outstanding. Well, the colors are not pink or purple. Hooray for that. But check that footwear ... puffy sneakers! (Sorry, I don't know their proper name, but I do recognize the style as current.) And aqua sneakers at that! Go, go Ken!

Any takers for these fashions?