Friday, November 14, 2008

Now or Never Moment: Slim Tan Aoshima on Sale

The Internet is a wonderful, terrible thing.

I was checking the Men with Dolls board under the Price Police section. Moan. Oh, why did I do that? But it was good, darn great that I did. A fellow collector wrote that Hobby Link Japan has the Aoshima 07494 New Slim Body Type B (the tan ginger haired one wearing a jeans outfit) on sale. This doll has been a Grail doll since I bought the Action Figures book showing the CyGirl/Cool Girls and the Aoshima/Skynet figures. If ever I were to get her, I would have expected to pay through the nose for her. Fortunately, I can "just" get her. I shouldn't at this time, but how often would I see her for sale like this?

"The Men With Dolls Messageboard is dedicated to 1/6th female figures of all kinds. Of particular interest are the Cool/CY Girls made by Blue Box Toys and Takara JAPAN." The link to that message board is

I've picked up sales tips and kitbashing notes and read many fascinating diorama stories and seen incredible doll and action figure kitbashes since I joined that board in June of 2002.

I should note though that the Men with Dolls board can have nude dolls and action figures and that there are "adult" stories and photos in the board.


D. Johnson said...

Hey d7! I'm just reading your blog for the first time after "meeting" you on MWD. This is great! I love the running commentary on your diverse and ever-growing collection. Glad to see you found a bargain to break into the Skynet line, which is my favorite. Got any pictures of yours?

D7ana said...


Funny thing, I just deboxed the slim, tanned Basic Infantry lady today. (I was going to show her neck along with a Mixis neck, but I realized how much slimmer she is. Not a good frame for the Mixis heads LOL.)

I have three other Lady's Missions figures: the Nun, the Street Princess, and the Women's Doctor. (Now that is an interesting trio: ripe for storylines, hmm?). So Ms. Slim Tan is actually my fourth figure in this seriew.

Her jeans and jean jacket are cool. Love the bootcut legs and those spike heeled boots. I'll definitely have to post photos of her and the other Skynet figures.

Let me know if you have photos up, too, so that I can see them.

Thanks for stopping by!