Sunday, November 22, 2009

Inexpensive DAF Furniture

The Jonathan Adler Happy Chic Set couch sells for $49.95 - from the site. I have nothing against Wintergreen Canada mint pink or Jonathan Adler or Barbie, but I prefer my doll and action figure (DAF) furniture in neutral colors. However, realistic DAF furniture tends to be pricey. Had I money enough, sure I'd happily buy it. But at this time I am scrambling for DAF funds let alone DAF accessory funds. What can I do? Shop the jewelry and gift departments of Ross, Burlington Coat Factory, A.J. Wright, and similar discount stores for soft-sided jewelry boxes in couch, love seat, chair and chaise boxes.

As you can see in these two examples, the colors are bright, vivid, but neutral. Bye bye Day Glo glare. The proportions suit playscale figures. The pieces are sounder than the flimsy pieces packaged with dolls and action figures. AND they have wood components and hardware. Moreover, the cost per piece is usually under $20, if not under $10. Half the cost of the designer couch.

Below I show two examples of jewelry box-turned-DAF-furniture I own.

Hasbro G.I. Joe on red

Momoko and Hasbro Star Wars Lando on wine


Niel said...

I saw something like this in a girls' accessory shop. It was around US$15. The thing that turned me off was the color: hot pink, red and black (multi-color)!

It looked like this:

D7ana said...

Thanks for the link and your comment, Niel!

Yes, I have seen jewellry display-furniture like that one - with leopard and other animal prints and hot pink blocks or um vivid color blocks like the one in your description. I bypass those because I can get the bright stuff from Barbie or Bratz furniture.

Hugs said...

LOL @ Bye Bye Day Glo Glare. I hear ya. Neutrals are just more user friendly.

D7ana said...

Yes, Day Glo to brighten neutrals LOL. Accents, not main events.