Friday, November 20, 2009

Dr. Who Fan Alert! Playscale Tardis and Tardis Console

For the Dr. Who fans, a British company is working on a Dr. Who Tardis and a Dr. Who Tardis Console in PLAYSCALE.

Eeekk! (Translation - I shriek and jump up and down for a bit.)

I wouldn't describe myself as a big Dr. Who fan - I only followed one of the Doctors after all - but I thought the Tom Baker Dr. Who episodes were fun. Sarah Jane was a drip, but Leela was cool. Leela was the warrior woman. Sarah Jane would be considered smarter, I suppose, but Leela could kick butt. And she was brave. She tried to rescue the Doctor. Mostly though, I watched to see Tom Baker loom over the set. He seemed larger than life in height and eye rolling and with gorgeous, bouncy, big curls. Not conventionally handsome or subtly sexy, the Tom Baker Dr. Who was enthusiastic. Fun.

The only Dr. Who figures I have is Martha Jones by Character Options. Alas, I missed getting the David Tennant Dr. Who action figure. Shrug. Possibly someday ....

But let me provide the link for the playscale Tardis. No price is mentioned so I imagine that it will be expensive. Sigh. Eh well, it will be fun to see and to imagine.

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