Friday, November 13, 2009

New: Mattel Kiddies Webshots Folder and Kelly Link

Kellys are the doll equivalents of M&M candies. Neat, sweet, bursts of bright color. Tiny starfish hands, big eyes smiling at/with you. Just too adorable, you coo. Well, I coo anyway ;- D. You think, oh just one or two, but end up with piles of them LOL. Well, maybe not piles, but bigger collections of them than I ever intended.

I have added some Kelly and friends photos to my Webshots photo album ....

Kelly photos

Also, here is a Kelly Checklist suggested by Therese of Dolls of Color.

One suggestion though: do NOT eat your Kellys. The plastic and vinyl are probably toxic to humans. And how can you enjoy the sight of them if they're dinner?


Dolls of Color said...

I couldn't help but notice that all your Kelly dolls are NRFB! They are really hard to debox, their little packaging at so perfect to leave intact and the boxes are little enough to justify leaving them boxed.

This is my own Kelly collection - I do not have quite as many as you hehe

D7ana said...

Oh, I have a few Kelly-sized kiddies running around "free" :-D - like Vampire Tommy, AA Clown Kelly, and AA Halloween Kelly as an orange cat. Most of them are in their boxes though, the poor, wee dears :-( .

Thanks for sharing your Kelly photos. I have a Stacie outfit, but no Stacies. No Todds either.

My little guys and gals send thanks, too. I've promised to liberate some of them. I need to find them adult "sponsors" though so they aren't running about unsupervised LOL!

Hugs said...

I love that Kelly Playground Bunch set. Too cute!