Sunday, August 13, 2017

2017 Barbie Career Set: Astronaut and Space Scientist

Doll blogger Muff recently shared a post about a new Barbie Career Set, Chef and Waiter. At a Toys R Us store last week, I saw another Barbie Career Set. This one had a petite-bodied, Millie-faced Barbie for astronaut and a tall-bodied, Asha-faced Barbie for space scientist. I like the height difference. I do wish the bodies were articulated - seems that they are not. I took a very brief video showing the set and a photo showing the back of the box.


I wonder if Mattel will be producing double doll career sets. Seems like a fun idea to me. Has anyone seen this set? Are there other career sets - aside from the Toys R Us exclusive Ken and Barbie one seen a few years back?


Georgia Girl said...

I saw this set tonight on social media. It is very nice! I especially love the facemold. She looks like Asha.

Jaye said...

I haven't seen this set yet. Christmas is around the corner. I hope they put out some good stuff.

D7ana said...

Hi, Georgia girl! Yes, the space scientist does have the Asha face. The coloring and screening on that doll were lovely. Gorgeous blond-brown hair.

Hi, Jaye! Oh, yes! I'm hoping for nice stuff for Christmas, too ;-)!

Muff said...

At first I was all, "Ugh, look at that astronaut suit," but I quite like it. They both remind me of those kitchy 50's movies as if they are off to space to battle moon monsters.