Friday, April 15, 2011

Which Mixis Body is It? LE or SE?

Let’s say you are bopping along, running errands, and listening to a snappy tune - like Gwen Stefani’s “Ain’t No Harley (Holler?) Back Girl.” (Feel free to substitute the bouncy song of your choice.) You are a modern doll/action figure enthusiast. You are lucky to have fellow DAF enthusiast friends, too! Skip, bounce, skip, bounce. Then your phone rings. The partner of one of your favorite doll enthusiast friends is on the line. Code Red, this person cries. This is an emergency only YOU can resolve. You. Your chest swells with pride until you hear what happened.

Well, Friend 1 – who incidentally does NOT collect dolls or action figures – Friend 1 felt neglected by Friend 2 so Friend 1 got drunk and went on a rampage among Friend 2’s dolls. Friend 1 dismembered several dolls. Now Friend 1 needs your help re-connecting the bodies BEFORE Friend 2 returns from an overnight trip. Horrified though you are, you decide to help Friend 1. Despite that person’s questionable sanity and your natural revulsion, you think of all those dismembered dollies. Oh the shame of it. So you rush to the crime scene.

Most of the dolls can easily be repaired. Whew. But Friend 2 has two Mixis dolls that Friend 1 dismembered during the rampage. (Aiiieeee!) One was a Limited Edition Rosa; the other was a Sunset Edition Rosa. You distinguish the head of the Limited Edition Rosa due to some customizing Friend 2 had completed. The legs for the dolls seem similar enough so they don’t cause a problem. But matching the bodies … oh dear. Which is which? Your friend should not see the head of her LE Rosa on the SE Rosa body.

Well, there is help for you. Check the back of the bodies. If the company markings are on the upper back and those markings read, “© 2007 YNU Group Inc.” on the top line and “China” on the second line, that is the Sunset Edition Mixis body. If the markings are on the lower back, and read “© 2006 YNU Group Inc.” on the top line and “China” on the second line, that is the Limited Edition Mixis body. The photos below will illustrate the placements I have describe.

Also, if the breasts on the body seem to flow with the rest of the body, that is the Sunset Edition Mixis body. The breasts on the first Mixis body, the Limited Edition body, seem a little off, as if they were scooped on after the main body was created. (My guess and opinion that the LE body was first - hint, the date - and possibly no one else would agree with me about the breasts setting.)

There you go. Friend 1 will think you could hang the moon. Friend 2 may never know how those dolls were nearly destroyed. You have helped your friends and possibly, averted the end of a relationship. You can return to your errands. Or can you? Knowing what you know about Friend 1's actions?

P.S. This terrible event has never happened to me. Any resemblance to real doll attacks is coincidental. However, it is possible so please accept this anecdote as just that, an anecdote.


Vanessa said...

I'm glad that you said this is purely anectodal, because I was about to send you back over there to kick friends 1s, you know what!

D7ana said...

This comment gave me a well-needed, hearty laugh. Thanks.

The inspiration from this anecdote was a former co-worker's asking me what I would do if he "hit" my dolls. I answered that I would hit him. The kicker about that situation is that that guy and another who commented that "the quiet ones are always the most vicious" forget that whether someone likes dolls or not, those dolls are somebody's property. I wouldn't go to his house and hit his stuff.

Then again, maybe that did sound childish and spiteful of me. Trying to feel remorse ... no, that ain't coming, lol.