Saturday, November 6, 2010

Justin Bieber Anyone? New Dolls

While I was searching for online information about the Burlington Coat Factory Barbies, I came across this news: a Justin Bieber doll will be sold by Toys R Us. Now I can just recognize this singer's name, but those of you who associate with teenagers and pre-teens may recognize him. (How do I recognize the name? A local disc jockey, Danny Bonaduce, mentions Justin Bieber. And I've seen young Bieber's poster at Walmart. Don't know what he sounds like. Don't particularly care to find out. Must be [my advanced] age because I at him and wonder why him.)

He looks as if he might be Barbie-scale, so we might have another young male figure to add to our collection. Maybe ... I'll wait to see the actual doll.

A new male figure anyway!


MissSpottyJane said...

I think Jakks Pacific is trying to cash in on any tween celebrity they can. They made a fortune on the Hannah Montana dolls, but now it's over and Camp Rock and Taylor Swift couldn't replace it.

Alrunia said...

It's like with Hannah Montana. None of us would have any idea who she is if numerous dolls of her haven't been made. :P
The tiny picture of the JB doll looks good, I hope they don't cheap out on his clothes in the end by making them plastic!

Vanessa said...

Justin sounds like your typical teen singer. At times his voice is pretty nice. I don't have children and I'm 42, and sadly I listened to his "Someone To Love" song 5 times yesterday...on purpose. No, I don't have his CD, but I have Usher's CD and that is one of their duets. If the doll doesn't have Justin's hair, they will have failed. With Justin it's all about his hair.

Vanessa said...

Am I the only 42 year old that watches the show Hannah Montana and listen to Jusin Bieber? Probably. I also watch Sesame Street and Curious George regularly. I watch a lot of adult shows too. Don't want you to think I was mentally deranged. (smile)

D7ana said...

Hi MissSpottyJane! I think I saw some new Hannah Montanas in Toys R Us. Guess Jakks Pacific is still working that horse, LOL.

Hi Alrunia! I don't have cable so the doll actually was the way that I "found out" about Hannah Montana. Ditto for the Rebelde dolls.

Hi Vanessa! I enjoy several made-for-children/teens tv programs. (Degrassi Junior High, later versions of Degrassi, Biz Kids to name a few. I mentioned Justin Bieber because he will have a doll and I recall his name (and hair, LOL) being mentioned by Danny Bonaduce and Craig Ferguson.

I get pleasantly surprised by how dolls bring out new actors, etc.

skippercollector said...

I have a newspaper circular for Toys R Us that showed two versions of the Justin doll. The ad was included in the Sunday, Nov. 8, newspapers. Yes, I know, GASP! an actual printed hard copy newspaper!
I scanned the ad and would like to email it to you in case you want to post it. You can email me at

D7ana said...

Thanks, Skippercollector! Will write for that link!