Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Barbie Series Found at Burlington Coat Factory

I don't know if this particular Barbie series is a Burlington Coat Factory exclusive or not, but that is where I saw them. The line seems to consist of Barbie, Summer, and Teresa: here are their thin cardboard boxes lined up with the side of one box that shows the [possibly] three dolls in the set:

What I find interesting is that we have 3 blond Barbies (different hairstyles), one red-haired Summer, and one brunette Teresa. No Black or Asian dolls in this series -- shown on the box or among the dolls. I know, I know; there are the So in Style dolls. There are the Barbie Basics. So, there are Black dolls in other Barbie series. I suppose that there is one Asian doll in the Barbie Basics line. Not a single Asian doll shown here though. What happened to Lea? Lea come back! And is Grace Barbie's only Black friend? What happened to Christie and Nikki? Yes, I am greedy ;-D

Actually, I should not complain. There are more than enough Barbies and related dolls and similar-sized dolls and action figures. So I should not complain. Mattel really doesn't want me to be overwhelmed.



Chelle said...

I love the one in the center. She's got such a pretty face. I'm shocked there's not AA Barbie in the batch. I haven't seen those anywhere so it does make you wonder if they are exclusive.

MissSpottyJane said...

I remember these from Toy Fair 2009. They only displayed the boxes, and people had really high hopes for them.

D7ana said...

Hi Chelle! The red-haired doll in the middle is Summer. No African American or Asian dolls - to date. Maybe they'll produce more

Thanks and hi, MissSpottyJane! Ah so these have a history. Seeing them in Burlington Coat, I wondered what series they belonged. Thanks for this additional information about them.

Vanessa said...

Did you happen to notice if they had moveable arms and legs? I, too, am surprised at the limited ethnic selection. I miss Lea, too. 3 Blonds, huh? Interesting.

D7ana said...

Hi Vanessa! I did not check to see if the dolls were jointed, but I guess that they have the standard Barbie arm and leg motion so that the arms can move up or down and the legs can shift to a seated position. They might have bendable knees, too. Click-bend, I mean ;-)

(Not having even that bare articulation would be ghastly. I have never liked the all-in-one rubber bodies. Not for dolls. Shudder.)

Marie said...

I bought the straight haired blond last year at Kohls, and it was a standard Barbie as far as moveable arms etc.
I had to open the box though to see what I was getting, and that was a feat. So silly to "make it a surprise" for what's inside.

D7ana said...

Thanks for that information, Marie! I was reluctant to look into the box because I didn't want to get into trouble :-P Some stores might not mind, but others would.

I hate when the company staples the doll's head to a clear plastic "pillow." Plastic staples are the worst of the security-stuff IMO.