Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Presidents Day! And Suggestions on Celebrating It

Happy Presidents Day, fellow Americans! 

Have you got your party favors tooting? Probably not. Although Presidents Day is a federal holiday, how do we celebrate it? Shopping. But if you'd like to investigate other activities for this day, check the suggestions in this article. Yes, sales is the first activity on the list. There are other activities, though. But sales is the first action there. Why? Sales can be fun.

Let's see who can help us: why Toys R Us is having a Presidents Day sale! How kind of them to provide us with sales at this time. Downright patriotic. Or just a post Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/etc. sale excuse? Now, I have not been to a Toys R Us recently, but are these prices sales prices? I suppose with the free shipping on some items, it might have been.

Another sales site is AbilitiesLive for used, dressed and nude fashion dolls. Nude Arwen, re-dressed Ariel, and several others are priced from $3.00 to $35.00US. Yes, that is from three to thirty-five dollars.

And here's a third sales site: Indonesia's Top Model. But wait, there are no prices. In fact, the site has stunning doll photography by Leo Christian showing various Barbie doll faces. While he is not selling anything, I bet you'll be inspired to update your Want List. I mentally added a few sculpts like Mermaid and Aphrodite that I had not thought I would like to my Want List. Sigh. 

So if you want late night online shopping trips, visit those sites. Happy viewing. Happy collecting.


Muff said...

I, surprisingly didn't do any PDay shopping. I had my coupons at the ready, but I was too lazy to get up early and to tired to shop late. Oh well.

I'm going to check out your links though and see what they got!

D7ana said...

Hi Muff! You needed that rest. Were you hit by any of the East Coast storms - you don't have to say where you were ;-) It's been exhausting fighting the snow and ice and mess and off-schedules. Pah.

I did. Shop. Kinda-sorta. Big surprise to me, but I put a doll on hold. I am thrilled to have done so. I won't say which doll yet because I fear jinxing the order. Shhh ... we won't even talk about it anymore.

Oh, you'll love the last link. Teresa's site - AbilitiesLive has some nice stuff. But Leo Christian's doll photography - exquisite. And he uses interesting dolls for the head molds he identifies. Like a black-haired Grace Kelly head sculpt or a pink-haired, rerooted SuperStar Barbie. I want to debox my Carnavale doll after seeing his photo of her.

Thanks for stopping by ;-)

Muff said...

D7ana, I'm in sunny Florida! It's been a little cold, maybe in the mid 30's a few times, but it's mostly 60's here and for the rest of the week 70-80. So, even though we complain about the cold like a bunch of babies, it's not that bad up here at all.

I've just spent an enormous amount of time at Leo Christian's site! Such glamorous shots!

D7ana said...

Hi Muff! Congratulations on living outside the storm region ;-)

I'm not surprised that you "spent" a lot of time at Leo Christian's site. Amazingly beautiful shots. Glamorous indeed ;-D