Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Integrity Toys' Jordan and Tariq Bust Some Moves

Warning: If nude dolls offend you, you may want to skip this post. The guys are nude for identification so that should you find a similar body, you may recognize it. There are no date or company markings on either body. The heads are marked:
© Integrity 2001 for Tariq and
© 1996 Integrity Toys for Jordan 
on the back of their heads, above their necks, directly under where the hairline would end. 

Ladies, Gents, and Others, here are Integrity Toys' Tariq and Jordan, showing you the best of their posing ability.

Integrity Toys playline dolls: Tariq (left) and Jordan (right) wait for their cue to start.

Our male dolls shown in this post are In Style Jordan from 2001 and Fashion Insider Tariq from 2004. Notice the extra muscles in the torso and the more sophisticated face sculpture in Tariq.


Anonymous said...

Tariq (or the - for me - unaffordable Darius) is stunning, the best head mold ever made for a male doll for me :-).

D7ana said...

Hi Nymphaea! Glad that you find Tariq/Darius stunning. I think he's a cutie, and I am glad that I didn't have to pay the FR price for him ;-)

Muff said...

That's some interesting posing they were doing. When they turned at the waist I was all, "Ooh, now they gettin' fancy!"

I'm sorely lacking in the AA male department so it's always nice to see some new (to me) figures, ie Jordan.

Ms. Leo said...

Nice post! I have both of these dolls. The body on the Jordon dollis simular to the Olmec Menelek doll. I always thought that because they were made in China is why. They didn't have to design something new. The only problem is that the leg/hip joint on these dolls often breaks. You leafy with the stem of the hip broke off in the leg. I wish there was an inexpensive body donor for this doll!

D7ana said...

Hi Muff and Ms. Leo!

@Muff - I laughed at the idea of Tariq and Jordan "gettin' fancy" - and they thought that they were "gettin' funky", lol. Yes, the guys wanted to show off that they have twist'n turn waist even if they have click bend knees and no wrist articulation and limited shoulder movement ;-)

Jordan preceded Tariq by a few years: you can read more about Jordan here.

@Ms. Leo - cool dolls, aren't they? I didn't know that similar to the Olmec doll.