Monday, August 1, 2011

August Heat vs. Our Playscale Pals

August. Sultry summer time. Pfft.

Dog days of summer. Hot, humid atmosphere. Thunderstorms bringing relief. Mego melt? Try any manufacturer's melt - excessive heat is dangerous to all plastic and/or vinyl DAFs. Direct sunlight - no, no. Please be careful about exposing your DAFs to direct sunlight AND please try to keep them cool. Plastic joints and seams will melt and make it harder to pose.

Denise Van Patten has suggestions for protecting your DAFs in general safe as well as specific suggestions for Barbie types. Additional reading can be found at
1st Collectibles.

Hot weather is tough enough for sweating humans, but it's brutal and fatal for our plastic and vinyl folks, too. Take care.


Dollz4Moi said...

I treat my dolls like my pets in the heat. I make sure nothing gets really hot and cool them off if I have to. For the pets icy water and dolls icy air

miladyblue said...

Sometimes, I wish I were a doll, so that I could be put into a climate controlled area so I would never get too hot or too cold.

Good, timely advice indeed.

MissSpottyJane said...

This is all important advice. I've passed up many purchases because the boxes were noticeably faded or yellowed.

D7ana said...

Thanks for that information, MissSpottyJane! The financial aspect is compelling, too ;-D

D7ana said...

Yikes! Missed Dollz4Moi and MiladyBlue's comments at first.

Dollz4Moi, your dolls and pets are lucky ;-D

MiladyBlue, you are a doll, just a 1:1 scale one ;-) Actually, we have an edge over dolls; we can boss them around in stories or when redressing. They can't do so to us ... yet.