Thursday, January 10, 2013

Webshots Becomes Smile - And I Wanna Cry!

Remember all my lovely links to Webshot photos ... well, you won't be able to click on them to see stuff. No. Webshots has become Smile. And I am doing anything BUT smile.

Okay, I am a little behind on reading my email messages. But no where did I find any messages about Webshots becoming Smile and taking MY photos away from me. How? I cannot access my account. Great gusty sigh. I have to investigate this PROBLEM, but my Webshots account does not work. They do not recognize my e-mail address. My brown eyes are going blue, blue, blue.

But I will find out what happened and update you all.

Update: my photos were not removed before December 31, 2012. So they are gone. Forever.

Have to put on my grown-up face, grit my teeth, and regroup. It isn't my life. No one has died. Breathe in, breathe out. Life goes on. Cleared some typos in this post. Deep breaths again.



Dollz4Moi said...

Dana, oh no. I'm not sure when the change took place. I know that I downlaoded the new app from them in December. My account and pics seem to still be there.

I hope you can recover your photos. Especially since you have some shots of dolls no longer available

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: the computer is always problematic. I hope you can solve the problem. I can not help you. . Keep in touch

Georgia Girl said...

Hi D7ana, I posted on Ms Leo's blog the other day about this. I was also devastated and I never received an email either.. not even by spam. They closed on Dec 1st. Based on their blog, they supposedly informed people to download their pictures by that date. I was so hurt to the point that I haven't posted on my blog because I had holiday and other pics stored trust me I so feel your pain. In fact, the video that I posted to my blog for wedding and rehearsal dinner were stored on webshots and now they are gone from my blog. : (. I am praying that I have the pics on a SD card somewhere. This really sucks!!!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Oops! I thought you knew this. I guess I should have listened to that inner voice that said, "DBG, send D7ana a heads up about the Webshots/Smile merger. She has lots of dolls documented there." I am so sorry I didn't.

I lost older pictures that were stored at Webshots, too, but nothing that I will lose sleep over.

I did register with Smile, thinking that my Webshots images would automatically transfer... NOT! I would have been required o download the images to my system. Because the picture weren't important, I skipped that step. But, again, I'm not bothered by it. What bothers me is that I didn't give you a heads up. So sorry. :(


D7ana said...

Thanks, Anika and Marta.

Looks like I might not be able to recover my photos ... please see here ... link.

Muff said...

It's beyond annoying when websites do that. You get used to and depend on something and they pull a switcheroo. Ugh.

Roville said...

This boggles my mind. You are using good self-control, D, because this is a proper infuriation, and a full-on rant would be totally understandable. I can’t help but wonder about the twit at the top of Smile who managed (or didn’t manage) the change over. It was very badly handled. So sorry you lost your photos.

D7ana said...

Hi Vicki, DBG, Muff, and Robin!

Thanks for your sympathy.

@Vicki - oh, I hope you have the video and photos uploaded on a card. It sucks and super sucks, how they mismanaged this affair.

@DBG - thanks for thinking of me. You would not have known that I missed reading about the close-down. Sigh. Doesn't sound as though I would have enjoyed adding their images to MY photos, so it might be one of those "just as well" scenarios. Just have to see about re-cooping what I can ....

@Muff - it seems mean to me. Flat out mean-spirited. Like they care.

@Robin - They are way out in California so self-control is easier, ;-D

Ms. Leo said...

Wow, that is such a un-business like thing to do to people! I can see where tons of people must be really mad!! This really makes think I need to have a back up for my pictures that I can control! Maybe if enough people contact them they can do something.

Vanessa said...

That is crazy. They really did manage that changeover poorly. They should have kept those images available a few months after the switch over.

Did you have any of these images in another place?

D7ana said...

Hi Ms. Leo and Vanessa! I need to update one of my resolutions to making sure my photos are backed up ;-P

@Vanessa - I have some of the images on my home computer. Just will need to pull them up and find a new online home for them. Others might have been on my old computer that crashed.

@Ms. Leo - hey, it won't hurt to try and find out. I don't have a lot of hope there, but you never know until you try. Thanks for the encouragement!

barbradoll said...

Hello from your old Janay & Friends buddy, Dana! I occasionally cruised by your Webshots pages to check on your progress of the J & F reference pages you were building, (I'd sent you several pictures) and sometimes I needed to look at your boxed Janay dolls to remind myself of the name of a specific series. I was dismayed to find only a smiley face staring back at me from both of your Integrity/Janay pages, and wondered why you would ever take down such informative pages! You well know there's nobody else on the planet that offers ANY kind of references for Janay & her friends, but I figured you must have had a good reason to do it. Now I find out those pages/pictures were basically STOLEN from you, and I'm SO incredibly sad this happened! I must admit I was relieved it was something you never intended to do, because so few people I know give a hoot about Janay's history! So you have my deepest sympathies for your loss! It's a loss for me, too, and probably many other Janay fans. Take care, Barbra :o)