Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hispanic Heritage Month Doll Focus: YNU Group Mixis Rosa

Hispanic Heritage Month Doll Focus: YNU Group, Incorporated Mixis Rosa Dominguez Katz

Here is the First Edition Rosa Dominguez Katz. Since some of Rosa's family come from Mexico, she is participating in the Hispanic Heritage Month posting. I first saw Opal and Rosa on September 13, 2008 at the Black Latino Expo in the Convention Center. The owner from the now defunct company Dolls Like Me allowed me to choose the two dolls I wanted. (Emerald was on back order so they didn't have any Emeralds to show.)  The dolls were a little under a foot tall, but they had a heavier, more substantial body than Barbie and most Barbie clones. They had detailed, classy accessories and unique faces suggesting their multi-racial background.

Rosa wears her original shrug and tank top. The skirt is borrowed from First Edition Emerald Okada.

Here is the back view of Rosa. You can see her wavy dark hair.

Below is another Rosa doll: this one is the Limited Edition doll with the articulated elbows. Her face is a little fuller than the First Edition Rosa. That Rosa has an early production number. This Rosa has a higher production number - do you think that the molds wore down as the years passed, making the face fuller? I think that this Rosa looks older than the other one.

Back view of the Limited Edition Rosa doll shows her arm bend, wavy hair, and dress details.

Limited Edition Rosa on the left; First Edition Rosa on the right. Do you think one is prettier? I do. But I would rather not say which.

Want to read more about the Mixis experience by D7ana. Check these links:

Curious about Hispanic and Jewish connections in the United States? The Atlantic addressed this topic


The grandmommy said...

They both are beautiful. When given a choice I always pick articulated. This time I have to pick the one on the right with the lower number. I like the richer skin tone.

Anonymous said...

I like them both, the dolls and the fashions. I wouldn't be able to choose :-). They are lovely!

Fricskamacska said...

I would like to know both of them in my collection, beautiful faces !! *. *

Muff said...

Now these dolls do look Hispanic to me. The doll in the blue dress seems to have a longer chin than the other but from the front they look the same to me.

Smaller Places said...

I think one looks prettier -- but my mind changes according to which one I'm looking at, at that moment. I like the fuller face on the right, but the more pronounced chin on the left gives character, too.

As a buyer, I'd go for articulation as the deciding vote. They're both gorgeous, though.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: great dolls. My favorite is the articulated elbows. Fabulous hair. Great dress in blue. Keep in touch

Jewell said...

I like them both. I just ordered the Limited Edition doll, because I prefer her dress and articulated elbows.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Hi D7ana,

Rosa is one of my favorite Mixis dolls. I have the first one that is without articulation, purchased because I like her fashion better than the other. See my Rosa in a comparison post with S.I.S. Marisa (also of Hispanic descent) here.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I like both of these dolls, and the blue and white dress. The fit of the shrug is a bit awkward.

D7ana said...

Hi The grandmommy, Night Owl, Fricskamacska, Muff, Smaller Places, Marta, Jewell, Black Doll Enthusiast, and Barb the Evil Genius! Thanks for your comments.

@The grandmommy - I prefer more articulation, too. When I got the Rosa on the right, only the First Edition (straight-armed) dolls were available. I got the bend armed doll later.

@Night Owl - both ladies are pleased and blushing. Thanks for the compliments!

@Fricskamacska - on the YNU Group International shopping website, international customers can send an email message to to get a price for shipping outside the U.S./Canada. If you do not get them from another doll collector. I wish you joy with the Mixis doll or dolls of your choice.

@Muff - I agree 100%. Rosa actually looks Hispanic. Unlike some other dolls I will bring forth. Sigh.

@Smaller Places - I think the differences are due to the age of the head mold and the placement of the hair line.

@Marta - I like more articulated dolls, too.

@Jewell - congratulations on your Mixis doll(s) to come. I look forward to seeing her/them on your blog ;-)

@Black Doll Enthusiast - I prefer the denim separates to the Mixis sundresses, too. Thanks for including the link to your Rosa/Marisa comparison post: I would like to add that to my post on playscale Hispanic doll/action figure posts.

@Barb the Evil Genius - the shrugs are my LEAST favorite Mixis fashion accessory. I like their delicacy - not so much knitted as crocheted, but the fit is a little awkward.

And yes, both dolls are lovely. I slightly prefer the one on the right because I picked her from several boxes of Rosa dolls. She and the First Edition Opal are the first Mixis dolls to have entered my doll collection.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

They are both lovely. Of course, I would choose the one with articulation.

D7ana said...

Hi, Roxanne! You did a great job giving your Opal more articulation. I might give one of mine a new body someday. Might ... ;-)

Diego Maurício said...

Hi Diana,

This is Diego from "" .

All my dolls are wearing boots

Soooo cute your latin beauty !

Hugs from Brazil !

D7ana said...

Hi Diego Mauricio! Thanks for letting me know that your doll models are wearing boots. I thought they had a new style of sneakers ;-)

Glad you like Rosa. She is one of my favorite dolls.

Hug back from Philly!

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

Oh no, I really want a Rosa some day but I was having a hard time choosing between two pair of shoes vs. articulated elbows... and now you tell me the faces are different too?! :D

D7ana said...

hi Anderson's All-Purpose! No, the faces aren't different. The faces vary as they would in any mass-produced doll. Slight variation in the face screening and hair placement.

I was able to chose my First Edition Rosa from others because I bought her from a vendor visiting the city. My Limited Edition Rosa was ordered online; I didn't get to choose which face I liked best.

Best wishes deciding which doll to get ;-).

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

I was thinking of the difference in face shape which you suggested might be due to the mold being worn down. Unlike the face-up it's hard to change, and since I can't pick one out in person I'm trying to figure out which one I prefer - although I'm not sure I can tell the difference. The newer doll seems to have a bigger chin, I think?

D7ana said...

Hi Anderson's All-Purpose! Any face variation is slight: the Limited Edition (3000 issued) seems to have a slightly fuller chin. That's my opinion ;-)

Only 2 of my Mixis dolls were selected by me: the others I got via mail order. Shrug. I still like their faces.